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Julchit Dadi

Three Takeways From Faith History’s Interview with Instagram Expert; Julchit Dadi

Julchit Dadi is an Instagram Expert and Trainer. She helps businesses grow their social media pages. The scope of her work includes working with businesses to increase the number of their engaged followers. Julchit also works with startups to put together their social media strategy.

She spoke with Faith History in an interview where she shared some Instagram tips for businesses. Here are four takeaways from the interview:


Julchit Dadi: Invest In Yourself As An Entrepreneur

Julchit started honing her craft in social media in 2015.  She was a graphics designer at an E-commerce business at the time. Julchit attributes her success to her boss at the time. He recognized she had a flair for social media and begun to train her to be good at it. She further developed herself by reading articles, watching webinars and videos on social media.

Ensure you stay ahead of the curve as an entrepreneur. Always be on the lookout for information and knowledge that will give you an edge.


Julchit Dadi: Build Your Business Around Your Customers

Julchit Dadi ventured out on her own as a consultant in 2016. She quickly realized that for her to succeed her focus must be her clients instead of the financial rewards. This decision changed everything about her business. It changed the type of content she delivered and the way she engaged with her clients. She was always seeking to add value to people and then the financial rewards started coming in. Focus on making your clients very happy in whatever business you run and watch the financial rewards roll in.


Julchit Dadi: Don’t Forget The Social In Social Media

Treat every Instagram account as a human being. Your focus as a business should not be to increase your follower count. The focus should be to ensure that you are engaging with your audience. Always keep in mind that behind every Instagram page or account (excluding fake/bot accounts) is a real person. You should therefore treat them as such. Take time to engage with people, drop a comment and start a conversation. This is the number one rule for succeeding on Instagram. While it may not immediately get you one thousand followers, it will help you gradually build a community of real and engaged followers.


Julchit Dadi: Want To Hire A Social Media Manager or Consultant?

If you are looking for a social media manager or consultant, make sure the person you are considering is already giving you value. Only get in touch with a person who is already giving you value even without meeting you. How you may ask? Check the free advice the person is giving out on his/her social media page. Do you find it a valuable? If yes, then go ahead to call the person in for an interview.


Do not forget to listen to the full interview with Julchit Dadi here. You might also find this article helpful. Tell us what you think in the comments.


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