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Aella Credit review

Aella Credit – for when you need to borrow money and do it fast! These guys apparently have a highly proprietory algorithm that has been developed specifically for private lending in the Nigerian market- they’ve loaned close to a million dollars and don’t look like they’re slowing down anytime soon. …

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Bosko.ng pre-owned fashions online shopping review

Bosko and Faith History

Bosco.ng is a fairly new startup and online shopping (ecommerce) website that prides itself on catering to a niche market. People who don’t mind buying pre-owned clothing items. Now as a bonafide thrift and vintage shopping queen from all my amazing haunts in Baltimore, DC- Philly, LA and New York- …

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Real 360 online radio review

Abit cheeky I suppose, reviewing an online radio station/service seeing as we’re also in the audio space.. but hey.. we’re Everything Digital and yes we can basically explore and check out anything and everything as long as its .. yep you got it- Digital. So now… Real 360 radio is an …

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E-teriorSpaces.com online Interior decor service review

Need an Interior Decorator/designer but can’t really afford one on your budget…looks like these folks mean to have you sorted, in a nice, convenient and of course digital way; better still- you can do it all on your own time- afterall it’s your own dime *deliberate rhyming going on here. So they’ve re-launched… previous site …

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Gamsole: Nigerian mobile games for the world

I sure do love what I do most days..especially when I get to meet the young future Dangotes et al and remember they say birds of the same feather flock or in my case roll together. So yeah, I like to keep good company, Now Abiola Olaniran of Gamsole- is a young …

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