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MAX.ng (Metro Africa Xpress) Wants To Make It Far Easier To Move People & Materials Within African Cities

MAX.ng (Metro Africa Xpress)

One of the challenges that businesses face in most Nigerian cities is the difficulty of moving man and materials around. The challenge is a multifaceted one that includes poor road network, illegal roadblocks, dishonest personnel, limited technology etc. There are a number of startups seeking to help solve this problem. …

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SME Social Media Tips: How to Create an Instagram Business Account

Instagram Business Account

Instagram is an internet based app that allows you share photos either privately or publicly. It is available both in a mobile and desktop format. The app has become very attractive due to the number of monthly users which has grown to 700 million between 2010 when it was created …

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Five Fintech Startups In Nigeria Changing How We Live And Do Business

Fintech startups in Africa featured image

Over the last few years there has been a surge in the number of fintech startups in Nigeria. You most likely will be familiar with startups like Flutterwave, Paystack, Pagatech, Quickteller by Interswitch (if you consider it one) and a number of others. Here is a great list of a good …

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Everything You Should Know About Facebook’s Free Basics In Nigeria

Free Basics by Facebook

In May 2016, Facebook announced the launch of its Free Basics service in Nigeria, its largest African market. Free Basics is part of the Internet.org initiative created by Facebook. The service allows users access Facebook and other websites at no cost to them. Here’s everything you should know about the service in …

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Help Toks Asher Realize His Music Dream On The Mr. Okada Game App

Mr. Okada Game App

In 2016, the global games industry was estimated to be worth about $99 billion with the mobile games sub-sector leading the pack with $36.9 billion. This is the opportunity the Mr. Okada game app is seeking to tap into. Mr. Okada is an Indie game which features Nigerian Music industry expert; Toks Asher …

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Tariere TV| Everything Digital NG

Tariere TV

Still celebrating digital rock-stars-Faith History meets Mrs Tari Taylaur (Founder) as she tells the genuine African startup story of her mobile entertainment platform (app) ‘Tariere TV’. Also read: Online Radio Review The ‘Tariere’ app which means beloved in Ijaw, boasts of data friendly videos & short films for mobiles phones  (8 …

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Real 360 online radio review

Abit cheeky I suppose, reviewing an online radio station/service seeing as we’re also in the audio space.. but hey.. we’re Everything Digital and yes we can basically explore and check out anything and everything as long as its .. yep you got it- Digital. So now… Real 360 radio is an …

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Gamsole: Nigerian mobile games for the world

I sure do love what I do most days..especially when I get to meet the young future Dangotes et al and remember they say birds of the same feather flock or in my case roll together. So yeah, I like to keep good company, Now Abiola Olaniran of Gamsole- is a young …

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