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Drinks.ng Wants To Deliver Your Liquor Orders To You At Anytime Of The Day

If you live in any part of Nigeria, there are typically two ways to get beverages (these include alcoholic & non-alcoholic). You either walk into a store to pick them up or call a vendor.  Drinks.ng is making this process easier for everyone. The four-year-old drinks ordering platform will deliver at any time on Lagos Island, Nigeria. It currently runs a 24-hour service in Africa’s most valuable startup ecosystem.

Faith History had a chat with LanreAkinlagun on Episode 107 of the Everything Digital Radio show. Listen to the interview here.


Drinks.ng: A Brief Profile Of The Founder

LanreAkinlagun studied Marketing & Mass Communication at the London Metropolitan University. He fell in love with technology during his time at University. He got his first job after University at Universal Pictures. As part of his portfolio, he had the task of understanding the digital space and its implications for traditional business models.This task was the start of his journey in the digital marketing space. He later moved to join Vizeum, a digital marketing agency.

Although he is not a developer, Lanre considers himself as a techie from a digital marketing point of view. He has spent the past 12-13 years in the digital marketing space.


Drinks.ng: Here’s How It All Started

He first got the idea to start Drinks.ng when he was asked to purchase drinks for a wedding. Lanre was frustrated as there was no single place to get all the drinks he needed. He was advised to either go to the open market or call ‘a certain guy’.  According to Lanre, everyone had a certain guy you could call. He started Drinks.ng to make it easier for consumers to get the drinks they want in any quantity. The startup’s goal is to help consumers get authentic drinks at competitive prices.


“Our Beverages At Drinks.ng Are Authentic” – Lanre Akinlagun

Consumers ordering from the platform should be rest assured of the authenticity of the beverages. Drinks.ng works directly with all the manufacturers of the major brands.  They include MOET Hennessy, PernodRicard, Diageo etc.According to Lanre, the startup has a solid relationship with all of the major manufacturers. One proof of the solid relationship is the fact that some of them have taken the Founder on trips across the world. For example, Lanre has visited the Champagne and Cognac regions in France courtesy some of the manufacturers.

Additionally, the startup has great deals from time to time. For example, if a consumer orders two bottles of MOET, they could get two bottles of mini MOET. The startup also gives out goody bags when they get invited for interviews.



“Drinks.ng Has Got Footprints Across Nigeria” – LanreAkinlagun

The organization currently deliversdrinks to 24 states across Nigeria. Keep in mind that there are 36 states in Nigeria. Consumers outside Lagos can order as little as one bottle. Drinks.ng has an office in Lagos and Abuja in Nigeria. The startup is also opening its Port Harcourt (the capital of Rivers State, Nigeria) office soonest.Drinks.ng also delivers beverages to events, clubs, etc. at any hour of the day on Lagos Island. The organization will get drinks to any part of Eastern Nigeria within 48 – 72 hours. It plans to be present across the whole of West Africa in the next 3 – 5 years.

According to LanreAkinlagun, there are typically three major reasons why people outside Lagos order drinks from them. First, their local vendor’s prices are slightly higher than Drinks.ng. Secondly, they are unable to get those drinks in their region. Finally, they have had a bad experience with their local vendor in the past.

Drinks.ng currently has a magazine called ‘Spirit’. The magazine features brand ambassadors from the beverage industry. It also contains informational and educative pieces about the beverage/liquor industry. There is also a catalogue of all the products you can get in Nigeria and where to get them.

Tell us what you think about this startup in the comments. Don’t forget to listen to the full interview here. Check out last week’s startup here and here. Also try out Drinks.ng here.

WeSabi.com: Three Takeaways From Faith History’s Interview With Sanni Murtala

Phony artisans, dishonest service providers, we all have in one way or another encountered them. Sanni Murtala faced a similar problem when he moved to his new apartment. WeSabi.com was his answer to this problem. WeSabi.com is an on-demand service platform that helps individuals and businesses find

Faith History interviewed Sanni Murtala, one of the Co-founders, earlier in the year. You can check out the interview here and here. We have picked out the three major takeaways from the interview.


Sanni Murtala: WeSabi.com Is Making It Far Easier To Find Reliable Artisans

Sanni Murtala moved into a new apartment in Abuja sometime ago. He had a linking sink and needed to get his AC installed. He reached out to a number of his friends for reliable contacts. None of the artisans showed up despite several phone calls. He later had to make use of contacts he found on a number of buildings. Sanni eventually got his sink and AC fixed after three weeks. The artisans he used did a mediocre job. The process was also quite  difficult and painful.

Sanni started WeSabi to make it easier for Nigerians like him who have a hard time finding reliable artisans. This is the holy grail of a great service or product. Does it make life ‘way’ easier for your target customers? If the answer is yes, then you have something on your hands.


Sanni Murtala: WeSabi.Com Is Helping Reliable Artisans Get Found Quite Easily

The startup doesn’t only solve a problem for end users it also solves a problem vendors have. In this case the vendors are artisans. There were great artisans as Sanni would later find out. The problem was there were way more unreliable artisans. The few excellent artisans found it tough to connect with their target clients. The artisans on the platform include Plumbers, AC Technicians, Electricians, Laundry Machine Repairers etc.

The more problems your business solves the better. More people would depend on your service for everyday living.


Sanni Murtala: WeSabi.Com Is Big On Trust And Quality Assurance

One of the barriers many online businesses face is the issue of trust. The major E-commerce startups in Nigeria had to overcome this barrier with offers like pay on delivery. WeSabi.com provides a professional indemnity insurance to its client in the case of theft and damages. This helps prospective client feel comfortable with using the platform. The startup also runs several checks and due diligence on the artisans on its platform.

One way it ensures it provides skilled and reliable artisan is by partnering with vocational centers to get access to them. WeSabi.Com also trains it artisans in skills such as customer service to ensure its end users get great service.

If prospective clients don’t trust they won’t do business with you. Startups that pay attention to what customers think about them and adjust accordingly will keep winning. Great service is one of the major attributes of successful businesses.


Do check out the full interview with Sanni Murtala here and here. You can also listen to other episodes of the show on Soundcloud or iTunes. Got any thoughts? Let us know in the comments.

SME Social Media Tips: How to Create an Instagram Business Account

Instagram is an internet based app that allows you share photos either privately or publicly. It is available both in a mobile and desktop format. The app has become very attractive due to the number of monthly users which has grown to 700 million between 2010 when it was created and now. Creating an Instagram business account is one sure way of attracting prospective customers.

Why Instragram is Good for Business

There are many reasons why Instagram is good for business but here are the top four:

  1. Pictures can speak louder than words. Pictures can elicit emotions and get viewers to connect with your brand in a dynamic way.
  2. The app provides an opportunity to go viral through the re-posting function. As viewers share your pictures, they stand a chance of going viral thereby putting your brand in front of millions of potential customers.
  3. Internet users spend more time on Instagram than any other social media network besides Facebook according to this research by comScore.
  4. According to Shopify, visits that end with a purchase on Instagram will generate higher revenue than those of other social media platforms.

How to Switch Your Instagram Account to a Business Account

  1. If you want to convert your Instagram account to a business account, ensure you have the latest update. You also have to ensure your account is Public as private accounts cannot be switched to Business accounts.
  2. Open your app and go to your profile.
  3. Tap on the Settings icon at the top of your profile.
  4. Click on Switch to Business and select the Facebook page you want to associate your Instagram Business Account with.
  5. You will then be prompted to edit, keep or delete the contact information pulled from your Facebook page.
  6. Click on the ‘Done’ button and your account is all set up.

For more details about your Instagram Business Account, see here. If this article was helpful, then you would like Faith History’s interview with Julchit Dadi. Julchit is an Instagram expert, she spoke with Faith about best practices on the platform. You can go directly to the audio here


Featured image; Blogtrepreneur via Compfight CC

Aella Credit: Three Takeaways From Faith History’s Interview With Akin Jones

Akin Jones quit his job as Head of Investment Banking Group at a financial services company to start Aella Credit. Aella Credit is an online platform that enables people to access loans instantly. Akin holds a degree from Howard University in Washington DC, USA. He also attended the famous Kings College, Lagos.

Faith History interviewed Akin Jones more than a year ago. Here are the major takeaway from the interview:


Akin Jones: Aella Credit Rewards Its Customers To Borrow More

Five years of market data drive the lending platform. Better borrowers were identified using the data. Borrowers get rewarded for the loans they request for. The organization rewards borrowers in order to get them to request more loans. The startup not only provides the platform they also provide the loans. This is as opposed to partnering with lending companies. The goal according to Mr. Jones, as at a year ago, is to get lending companies on the platform in the nearest future. This will make Aella Credit a marketplace of lenders and not just a lender.

The platform is integrated with the major credit bureaus in Nigeria. This allows Aella Credit analyze the debt to income profile of prospective borrowers, social demographic information etc. It is tough to get a loan from the startup according to Mr. Jones. Prospective borrowers must scale eighty percent of its verification process.


Akin Jones: Aella Credit Didn’t Do Any Marketing When They Launched

Many of Aella Credit’s customers were based in Lagos as at the time of its pilot. During this time it partnered with about twelve companies in Nigeria. The partner companies gave them access to about five hundred thousand borrowers.  The additional borrowers they acquired were people who applied on their website. They didn’t have to do any marketing as there was high demand for their product. Essentially, everybody needs money! The startup gave out a thousand loans within six months of launching the platform. The value of the loans given out at the time was $800,000.


Akin Jones: Loans Are A Fundamental Human Right

Their analytics revealed that the greatest need for loans were housing, healthcare and education. Mr. Jones believes that loans are a fundamental human right. Consequently, there should be the creation of platforms that make it easier to access them. The startup is working with tech developers to ensure their processes are more seamless. At the time of the interview, they were planning to launch their mobile app. Looks like they have achieved that goal already. The startup has even gone on to attract more funding.

According to Mr. Jones, if you want to start an online solution, you either need to get a technical co-founder or a consultant. As regarding people who inspire him, he mentioned the team at Venture Garden Group, Tayo Oviosu and Abiola Olaniran of Gamsole. In Mr. Jones’ view Abiola proves that local talent can achieve great things if given the same opportunity as foreign talent.

Need an instant loan? You might want to check out Aella Credit. Don’t forget to listen to the full interview here. Do share this article with your friends and colleagues because there is love in sharing.

Tech Events In Lagos, November 2017: Events You Should Plan To Attend In The Coming Weeks

Are you looking to network and consequently take your business to the next level? Here is our list of Tech Events in Lagos, November 2017. You should definitely plan to attend these events. Just like the October edition, we have compiled these from major event platforms. Do ensure you also check back for the December edition.


Tech Events In Lagos, November 2017: Africa As A Platform

This is a tech conference that celebrates innovators across Africa that are using technology to confront the continent’s daring economic challenges. The organizers of this event are Q21 Solutions Limited and ADE Digital Media Limited. The theme of the conference is “Millennials, Machines and Money”. There will be panel discussions and also a chance for startups to receive seed funding. Learn more about the event and register here.


Tech Events In Lagos, November 2017: High Growth Africa Summit 2017

This is a two-day conference that teaches entrepreneurs how to build, scale and fund high growth businesses in Africa. Starta and Ingressive are the organizers of the event. The event will take  place on November 21 by 8:30am and November 22 by 9:00pm. It will feature speakers from the tech ecosystem and beyond. They include the following:

  • Oluyomi Ojo, Printivo
  • Yele Badamosi, Microtraction
  • Iyin Aboyeji, Flutterwave
  • Bankole Olufemi, Big Cabal Media
  • Lexi Novitske, Singularity Investment
  • and a host of others

The event is a PAID event. You can read more about the event and register here.

Tech Events In Lagos, November 2017: West Africa Convergence Conference 2017

This will hold on November 29, 2017. The organizer of the event is Knowhow Media and Market Intelligence International Ltd. The organizer is an ICT, research and media company. The event will hold at the Sheraton Hotel in Ikeja between 8:00am to 4:00pm. The major theme of the event is “The Future of Work”.  The event will highlight how work-spaces are changing and new careers born as a result of new technologies. Learn more about this event and register here.


Tech Events In Lagos, November 2017: Booking.Com & IamtheCODE Developer Hackathon

This is a developer hackathon by Booking.com and IamtheCODE. The Nigerian partner for the event is Chowberry Inc. The aim of the event by Booking.com is to recruit developers in Nigeria. Booking.com is an e-commerce company founded in the Netherlands. It helps travelers find a place to stay wherever they go through an aggregation of hotels, vacation homes etc.

The major highlight of the event is the iamtheCODE/Booking.com Challenge. Developers, Software Engineers etc. will work with the Booking.com API to develop a solution that will improve sustainable tourism in Nigeria. The event will hold on November 18 by 8:30am at the Lily Gate Hotel Conference Hall in Lekki Phase 1. Intending developers will have to apply by email. The event is free but you’ll need an invite to get in. There’s so much more you should know about, so quickly go here to see the full details.


Tech Events In Lagos, November 2017: AR/VR Meetup By IMISI 3D

Imisi 3D is organizing an Augmented Reality (AR)/Virtual Reality (VR) meetup on November 4. The purpose of the event is for AR/VR enthusiasts to network and learn from one another. It will hold at the Co-creation Hub by 11am. The event is a free one so go ahead and register here if this is for you.

Imisi 3D is a virtual reality creation lab whose mission is to grow a community of VR developers in Nigeria. Additionally, it will also develop VR-based solutions. Furthermore, it will also educate people about VR and help them engage with it.


Tech Events In Lagos, November 2017: Society and Technology Conference and Exhibition

The Institute for Work and Family Integration (IWFI) is organizing this event in collaboration with The Lagos Business School (LBS). It will hold on November 28 by 8:00am. The event will take place at the Oriental Hotel. There will be a discussion focusing on how technology trends will affect the family institution in the coming years. Participants will also learn how to use technology to succeed at work and on the family front.

In conclusion, the event is a free one but you will need to register here to attend.


Tech Events In Lagos, November 2017: Lagos Podcasting Meetup

This event is for Podcasters in the house. It will take place at Cafe Neo, 6 Agoro Adiyan street, Victoria Island. The event will discuss the state of podcasting, technology etc. Learn more about the event here. The organizers are two podcasters in Lagos.


Tech Events in Lagos, November 2017: A Deeper Dive Into Rust

This event is organized by  Rust enthusiasts. It will take place on November 4 by 11am at the Trade Depot. The address is 259, Etim Inyang Crescent, Victoria Island. Finally, learn more and register here.

Rust is a systems programming language sponsored by Mozilla Research. It is designed to be a “safe, concurrent, practical language”, supporting functional and imperative-procedural paradigms


Tech Events in Lagos, November 2017: Bridging the Gap between Technology & Offline Payments

This event holds on November 4 by 10am. Flutterwave and Africa’s Talking are the organizers of the event. Attendees will get a chance to network with developers from the Flutterwave and Africa’s Talking team. Additionally, there will be masterclasses on building payment solutions through USSD, SMS and Voice APIs. Furthermore, the event will also cover the topic; Introduction to Flutterwave and Africa’s Talking How to Build a Mobile Money Solution Payment through USSD.  You can get a ticket to the event here.

Health Startups In Nigeria: Six Notable Ones You Should Know

Healthcare is an important aspect of any nation’s survival and welfare. Nigeria’s health sector is plagued with a number of problems although it has also witnessed some successes. There are a number of health startups in Nigeria that have been founded to tackle some of these problems. First, let’s begin with a quick analysis of the problems the sector faces and successes it has witnessed.


A Brief Analysis Of the Problems & Successes

One of the major successes the health sector has witnessed is the establishment of the National Health Insurance Scheme. The scheme was established under Act 35 of the 1999 constitution by the country’s federal government. It was established to provide universal healthcare coverage to all its citizens based on certain contributions. The challenge however is that many Nigerians do not have access to this health insurance scheme.

Another major success the sector has witnessed was the well-coordinated response to the Ebola crisis.  The response was successful, thanks to health officials, volunteers and international partners. Foreign governments have praised Nigeria for the response. There however remains a lot of problems with healthcare delivery in Nigeria.

Here are some of the problems:

  • Lack of access to critical equipment
  • Low availability of important resources such as blood etc.
  • Low morale among health officials
  • Incessant strike action from health bodies
  • There are no enough doctors

These are just a few of the problems the sector is facing. Now let’s proceed to five notable health startups in Nigeria seeking to defeat these challenges, shall we?


#1: Health Startups In Nigeria – LifeBank Nigeria

LifeBank Nigeria is first on our list of notable health startups, which is in no particular order. Temie Giwa-Tubosun founded LifeBank.ng in January 2016. She holds a Masters in International Public Management. She later worked in Uganda with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) where she managed supply chain for a district.

Temie became concerned about maternal health care in Nigeria. The Founder learnt that most Nigerian women died from bleeding during childbirth. This was because there just wasn’t enough blood to save their lives. She started LifeBank.ng to get blood to hospitals when they needed it. This will save a lot of women from dying while giving birth. Mark Zuckerberg endorsed this startup during his visit to Nigeria. The startup delivered  about 2,000 pints of blood as at January 2017. You can listen to her interview with Faith History here.


#2: Health Startups In Nigeria – Redbank

Redbank is also one of the notable health startups in Nigeria. It is quite similar to LifeBank. It is a service that helps hospitals and patients find blood easily. Users can search for blood using voice call or SMS. Blood banks can sign up on Redbank to make available the blood they have to its users. Hospitals can also check the website to find out the blood available in different blood banks across Lagos. This startup is a brainchild of Medifix, a healthcare technology solutions company. The startup was one of the thirty that pitched to the Nigerian President.


#3: Health Startups In Nigeria – Kangpe

Kangpe is accurately described as Doctor in your pocket. It is an app that connects Nigerians with qualified doctors. A doctor on the network answers questions users submit. They do this in less than 10 minutes. This is one of the value propositions of the app. Kangpe won the Seedstars Lagos competition in 2016. The promising health startup also made it to the Y Combinator (Winter) batch earlier this year.


#4: Health Startups In Nigeria – MDaaS

Medical Devices as a Service (MDaaS) is taking on healthcare in Nigeria from a different angle. MDaaS is providing access to quality and affordable devices. Medical equipment are an important element of delivering life-saving healthcare. Yet, many hospitals in the country have no access to the devices they need to save lives. The doctors who own these devices have a hard time maintaining or servicing them. Such was the story of Oluwasoga Oni’s Dad. You can read more about it hereThis startup provides hospitals with the options of buying, leasing or renting these devices. It is slowly but steadily improving healthcare delivery in Nigeria one equipment after another. Listen to Oluwasoga’s inspiring story in his interview with Faith History.


#5: Health Startups In Nigeria – Helium

The good thing about these health startups are the unique ways in which they are delivering value to the health sector.  Helium Healthcare is an Electronic Health Records company.  It provides hospitals with the software they require to deliver quality healthcare. Their software helps hospitals manage patients records and its operations better. It appears an health practitioner must have either conceptualized this idea or aided it development. It is the sort of thing you get when technology meets domain expertise. Helium Healthcare has received seed funding from Y Combinator and is going on to do greater stuff.


#6: Health Startups In Nigeria – Medsaf

Medsaf’s goal is to make the process of buying and selling drugs in Nigeria easier. The E-commerce startup was founded by Vivian Nwakah and Temitope Awosika. The organization works with local and international vendors to get quality drugs to its customers at fair prices. Pharmacists, clinics and hospitals are its major customers. They face the problem resulting from the proliferation of substandard drugs. They also many times deal with numerous vendors. This makes the procurement very tedious. Medsaf wants to make medication procurement easier for health institutions.  The startup secured the regional ticket for the Seedstars World. It will represent Nigeria at the global competition and stands the chance to win $1m in equity investment.


This list is definitely not exhaustive and we know that. We are always looking to introduce startups to millions of Nigerians every week. If you know of any health startup we should add to the list, do feel free to let us know. Drop a comment down here. Finally, you can also email us via everythingdigitalng@gmail.com or interact with us using any of the channels below:

Twitter: @everythingdigng

Facebook: /everythingdigitalradio

Instagram: @everythingdigitalng


Featured Image; SIM USA via Compfight CC

Delivery Science: Meet The Startup Its Client Labelled “Your Friendly Monitoring Spirit”

On today’s episode we feature a business labelled “monitoring spirit” by its customers. Delivery Science helps organizations monitor and manage what happens on the field. The field represents team members and distribution assets outside the office. Faith History interviewed Lanre Oyedotun, a Co-founder at Delivery Science. Lanre Oyedotun calls himself the Chief Everything Officer at the organization. He handles current and potential customers. Chuka Ofili is the Chief Enterprise Architect in charge of technology. Toyin Oshinowo manages the product and data science team.


What Exactly Does Delivery Science Do?

We figured this question will also run through your mind. One thing it does not do is deliver goods from one point to another. Eighty percent of people work in the field while the rest work in the factory, according to Mr. Oyedotun. There was no complete solution that ensured 100% supply chain visibility. Consequently, Delivery Science was founded to solve this problem. It helps companies distributing goods and services know what is happening in real-time. Organizations using its solution can have data visibility and control over activities in its operations.


Delivery Science Application & Its Clients

Organizations without this solution will typically micromanage players in their chain. This gets difficult when you have about ten or more employees in the distribution chain. This is the point at which such organizations approach Delivery Science. The organization’s application aggregates data from the field and helps them make sense of it. The application is called FieldInsight. The application is eighty-percent the same for all of its customers. Ten-percent of the application is customized depending on the organization.

The startup’s initial customers were Fast Moving Consumer Goods organizations. However, they now have clients from the Utilities and Financial Services sector. The product serves all organizations that have people on the field including a sales force, installation team etc. There is also a free plan for small and medium-sized enterprises. The plan accommodates one field user and one web user.


Future Plans & How to Sign Up on Delivery Science

To sign up on the platform, take the steps listed below.

  • Go to www.deliveryscience.co
  • Click “fill out the form”
  • Submit the form

Lanre believes they are in the early days of what they are aiming to achieve. They have gained a bit of traction in Nigeria and are looking to expand across Africa. According to him, Data is a big problem in Africa and this is one reason why goods are so expensive. They are expensive because businesses have to factor in externalities which they cannot control. Since there is no visibility, many businesses are not bankable. Banks do not commit to them because they cannot monitor what they do.

A typical user on Delivery Science gathers about eight thousand data points a day. An analysis of this data can be of immense benefit to businesses. Their job according to the Co-founder is to help its clients make sense of these data points. This data will be useful in helping these businesses succeed.

The startup does not believe they are at the point where they can speak much about data science. Their priority remains data analysis. Data Science will then help predict the future. Their present goal is to scale the number of businesses using their application. Imagine eight thousand data points across ten thousand businesses! This data will help drive the future of what they are attempting to achieve in Africa.

You can listen to the full interview with Faith History here. Don’t forget to share with friends and colleagues.


Photocredit; Delivery Science

EasyAutoReg Will Help You Get Your Vehicle Registration Done Without Stress

Vehicle registration in Nigeria can be a very tedious process. It sometimes involves visiting the office of the government agency several times and parting with some money to some of its officers. EasyAutoReg is looking to make this process easier and faster for every Nigerian. On this episode of the show the Founder; Derin Ifeoluwa spoke with Faith History about his startup.


Introducing EasyAutoReg

EasyAutoReg.com is an online service that helps vehicle owners get their auto registration done. The website is very simple and clean. Users can create an account and add whatever service they want to their shopping cart. Vehicle owners can add any of the following products to their shopping cart:

  1. Road worthiness
  2. Vehicle registration
  3. Auto insurance
  4. Change of ownership
  5. CMR (Police clearance)
  6. Hackney permit

In order to test it out, I added Vehicle Registration to cart and entered Nigeria as country for my shipping information. The next page displayed an error saying they do not ship to Nigeria. This appears to be a bug which the EasyAutoReg will have to look into. Asides that, the website appears easy to use and the Founder promises a quick response to inquiries and complaints.


Here’s Some More Information About The Founder

Derin Ifeoluwa holds in Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. He ventured into vehicle registration offline after his mum introduced it to him. His mum provided an offline vehicle registration service to clients.  He subsequently built a website to bring the service online. This made it easier for prospective clients to access the service. The website happened to be his first as he never built one before. He was excited about building the startup and bringing the service online.

The business is obviously targeted at vehicle owners seeking to get their documentation sorted out. Derin mentioned the following as regarding their competitive edge:

  • The entire process of vehicle registration is easy and straightforward
  • Your documents will reach you in record time
  • Their prices are highly competitive
  • Their response time is very quick. They are very easy to access and you will not have to

Presently, customers would have to get some required documents to EasyAutoReg offline in order to get their registration done. The startup is however working on ensuring that customers can upload these documents online in the nearest future.

A similar service available globally is Carfax. Carfax which allows you do a VIN check, vehicle history check etc. before you purchase a vehicle. RTO India helps Indians check the registration details of a vehicle before buying them.

For more on the Interview with EasyAutoReg, you can listen here. You can also check out the EasyAutoReg website here.

(Image credit: www.EasyAutoReg.com)

Freshtodommot.com| Everything Digital NG

Fresh Fresh Fresh!

In this episode, we will be chatting with a co-founder who has a background in economics, her passion comes way back from running errands as a young champ.

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Freshtodommot.com| Everything Digital NG
Freshtodommot.com| Everything Digital NG

*Drums rolling* meet Tomi Oki she is the Co-founder of Freshtodommot.com and she shares with Faith History about her digital brand, how she has made her idea transform into a market place for shopping fresh food and how this service works.

Listen in and also discover

5 cool things and apps you should know about Freshtodommot.com

Ileoge.com| Everything Digital NG

Have you ever needed a quick fashion fix at an event or anywhere else? Let’s say you went out of town, for a party and needed the someone to help do your ‘gele’ …Ileoge.com| Everything Digital NG

Have a listen as Titi Ogunaike, the founder of ileoge.com chats up Faith History about her cool brand.

For all you non-yoruba folks out there, ‘Ile oge’ simply means House of Fashion

You haven’t heard it all.

Listen in