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Meet Amplify Pay, The Startup Assumedly Called Nigeria’s Number One Recurring Payments Platform

Amplify Pay

If you are a keen observer of the Nigerian startup scene you will have realized that there’s a large number of fin-tech startups. By our count there are more than twenty of them. One of such startups is Amplify Pay, a startup that has made it easier to collect recurring …

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Eventions: Buy Gifts Anywhere In The World And Get Them Delivered In Nigeria


One of the things that make the holiday season exciting are gifts! From the surprise you meet when unwrapping the gifts to the joy of owning something brand new, these things make the holiday season special. One of the challenges about buying gifts are ideas; what to get. Another one …

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Drinks.ng Wants To Deliver Your Liquor Orders To You At Anytime Of The Day


If you live in any part of Nigeria, there are typically two ways to get beverages (these include alcoholic & non-alcoholic). You either walk into a store to pick them up or call a vendor.  Drinks.ng is making this process easier for everyone. The four-year-old drinks ordering platform will deliver …

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AccountingHub.ng Is Demystifying Book-keeping For Startups And Small Businesses


Chioma Ifeanyi-Eze founded AccountingHub.ng after she spent eleven years working as an Accountant in different organizations. She received several invitations from friends to help set-up accounting systems for businesses from ground up. Chioma finally decided to set-up shop to help startups get their numbers right. Her startup now provides professional …

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WaraCake Has Simplified Cake Ordering For Everyone


Cakes; we all  love them! If you don’t love them, you sometimes need them. WaraCake has simplified cake ordering for everyone and is helping cake makers get more business. We have titled today’s episode of the show; a mouth watering one.  This is because we are featuring Tunde Ayilara, Founder …

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Wesabi.com| Everything Digital NG

Wesabi.com| Everything Digital NG

This digital brand is indeed, very cool. Especially for those of you out there, who has as had one issue other with fixing things within your home or office. [Could be a leaking sink]. Oops! – I almost threw the cat out of the bag Also read: this digital brand …

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Vconnect.com| Everything Digital NG

Vconnect.com|Everything Digital NG

Are you seeking business directories? or do you love to sell? Then this is for you. As most of you know, I love to buy stuff: like really cool stuff – that I need of course. Click here to find out a great way to retain clients with this digital …

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Ginger Box.com.ng

Ginger Box

On this episode we discover an online delivery service for healthy fresh produce that combines wide range of fruits and vegetables plus seafood to satisfy each customers’ unique preference. With delivery services ranging from individual fruit box options, to monthly subscription based options and fully customised packages. Faith chats with founder, Kunle …

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