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Disruptive Africa Expo With Faith History

“Disruptive technology has the great capacity to make present companies/solutions more relevant or irrelevant in future” – Disruptive Africa Expo

David Alozie chats with Faith History about what exactly Disruptive Technology means for Nigerians and Lagosians in particular, plus why this event will be holding for the second consecutive year in a row.

The event is channelled at equipping both companies and individuals with essential tools to take on tomorrow’s technology innovations within and beyond Africa.

Meet some of the speakers below…

Disruptive Africa Expo With Faith History
Disruptive Africa Expo With Faith History
Michael Ipinyomi
Disruptive Africa Expo With Faith History
Melissa Menke
Disruptive Africa Expo With Faith History
John Oyekan
Disruptive Africa Expo With Faith History
Israel Ovirih
Disruptive Africa Expo With Faith History
Maarten Ectors

Save the date because this event is happening live on August 25th – 27th at Four Points by Sheraton Hotel in Lekki, Lagos Nigeria.  Click here to Register

Digital Art meets life- The 7th element

When Art meets Tech- the 7th Element project

Adaora Mbelu-Dania is an old friend and a digital native in Nigeria. Having run a digital agency from the

Adaora Mbelu-Dania
Adaora Mbelu-Dania, A2 Creative
Faith History & Adaora Mbelu-Dania
Faithy & Adaora

early days, which in these parts would be as recent as 5 years ago – long before there were any really solid ones.

We had a good chat about some of her most recent projects,  notably the recent Guinness African Special campaign. As head of digital innovation at A2 creative, she was part of the team that created the brand identity as well as the campaign’s look and feel.

Next, we chatted about her new project/venture- ‘The 7th Element’ which aims to commercialise the art of graffiti by providing an online platform for artists to showcase and sell their work. 

Brands & Individuals should use social media as an online Focus group. -Adaora Mbelu-Dania

7th element
7th element

In the upcoming unveiling that takes place on the 28th& 29th May at the Kia Showroom in Victoria Island- Lagos, visitors will get to experience the marriage of both digital and real life graffiti art as one seamless piece.

Shawata Africa- an online mentoring platform

Shawata  is a hausa word which means to teach, to advise, to mentor and that is precisely the vision that its founder John Kuforiji has brought to life with a brand new online mentoring platform; Shawata.com. On this episode we chat about his vision and he somehow manages to convince me to also join up as a mentor.. I accepted.

About the founder:

John Kuforiji is a young Computer Engineering graduate  from Covenant University. He currently works as an IT Project Manager at one of the leading IT companies in subsaharan Africa. He has successfully managed numerous projects in the Banking, Oil and Gas,  Telecoms and educational sectors.
He is also the founder of Africa’s first online social Mentoring platform –  Shawata.com.

Also read: Find out more ways to contribute your quarter to the society 

Shawata was developed to provide mentoring solutions to willing mentors and intending mentees through a multi-author blog,  discussion forums and direct interaction on its inbuilt social platform. The social platform enhances private discussions between users of the platform most notably mentors and their protégés.

…You need to mentor so you can keep growing -John Kuforiji

Everything Digital radio Shawata





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TheVane shopping App

A cool bunch of online shopping afficionados (headed by Ramat Oyedokun), have brought this App which was orginally launched and based in New York , to Nigeria. I got a chance to check it out and muck around in it. It’s kind of cool.. it has a built in location/weather element to it so you can indicate what city you’re in and it’ll pull a weather forecast that’ll help you with your wardrobe planning. Other cool points given for:


  • Ability to get style options based on mood/occasion (Brunch. Casual, Business Meeting etc)
  • Packing advice for travelers.
  • Ability to discover new unique brands based in Nigeria


Ramat Oyedokun- COO - TheVane.com
Ramat Oyedokun- COO – TheVane.com


So check out our chat on the show this afternoon on CLASSIC FM 97.3 at 12:30pm and BEAT FM 99.9 at 2:05pm and as always we will be posting the Interview within the week so check back.

Be sure to download the App for yourselves here for Android users like me and here for IOS users and let us know what you think!




TheVane App

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Pulse NG- What, Who Where and Why do they exist?

Rich Tanksley chats with us about the emergence of Pulse.ng  and also shares some tips for online publishers who want to do it big in the online space in Nigeria.


PulseNG wants to be number 1 so we’re everywhere. -Rich Tanksley

Rich Tanksley & Faithy
Rich Tanksley & Faithy at Liveboxx

Check out this episode and please forgive my lackluster voice – I was recovering from a bad case of Laryngitis!


Luxury Reporters: Funke Osae-Brown

Theluxury reporter, Funke Osae-Brown – believes that Luxury can also be affordable – it just needs to be well made and maintain super high quality. Having recently launched her app and online magazine theluxuryreporter.com.ng in a couple of years she’s managed to get over 3million hits to her website as well as bag some great partners and clients as well as a decent following … listen in to our chat and don’t forget to download the luxury report app from your google play store.

We Nigerians love our own Luxury brands -Funke Osae-Brown

Funke & Faithy
Funke & Faithy

We also chat about some of her favorite online brands and destinations as well as her grand plans for the Luxury reporter brand.


Basic Cyber Security with Enabled Solutions

Segun Adeyemo, Technical Manager at Enabled Business Solutions discusses the basics of protecting your data on all devices. He shares security tips and the dos and don’ts of being online especially in public spaces. He’s quite techy but I tried to get him to break it down a bit (wink). Major takeouts include:

  • Changing passwords often
  • Being safe when using public computers.. logging off properly
  • Installing up to date antivirus software.
Enabled Solutions team with Faithy
Enabled Solutions team with Faithy

He also deep dives into different types of malicious attacks and why one might be a target- best of all he’s giving away 5 enterprise Anti-Virus software packages… so email him here.

Hope you enjoy this episode and and learn something new! As always – don’t forget to rate the episode.


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How to Get Naked without taking off your clothes

Don’t act so surprised, I do realize that the title of my post was totally misleading  (clearly deliberate on my part). And now- that I’ve got your attention – let’s explore what this provocative title really means. Recently- I was invited to be part of a digital campaign that souFaith History- Get nakedght to start a conversation on social media. Really multiple conversations if it was to be any kind of success.  Mental Health issues such as Bipolar disorders and clinical depression as well as providing an outlet for those dealing with HIV are some of the themes and issues being explored.

The call to action? – Get to into a confidential counseling program and TALK ABOUT IT. Harder than it seems… after all this is Nigeria. I was honored to be invited to take part in it- although I do wish it had gained way more momentum as it had such a great need to be just that. Unfortunately the Call to Action got lost in translation somehow. Hopefully next time around they will have been able to secure substantial sponsorships/partnerships and blow this amazing campaign out of the water!

Have a listen as I chat with Founder, Sheifunmi Yusuf about his vision for this cause. Don’t forget to rate this episode!



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DIY Ecommerce Shopping Cart: Shopify for NamasteOrganics

Lolade Cameron-Cole- Namaste Organics skin careLolade Cameron-Cole; the founder and Creative Director of Namaste Organics a natural skincare line in Lagos and I recently sat down for a chat about how she bought/downloaded and installed the shopify application onto her website with a lot of support and assistance from the online customer service folks at Shopify over the weekend. So hey.. just in case you currently run an ecommerce site and are still stuck doing things the old way..and and still do not have a shopping cart solution and need one..this is an option for you (she said even a 6 year old can install shopify (with a bit of help).

We also went over exactly why she finally decided to make this switch. Check out the interview!

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Online PR Basics with Toyin Odulate

This one is a really short post!

We deliver another digital knowledge transfer session via Toyin Odulate, founder of Olori Cosmetics who also happens to be a senior Digital marketing Exec at Danone Africa. She shares some of the basics of Online PR for SMEs plus some of what a lot of small businesses tend to get wrong as they start to build a website… have a listen!

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