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Meet Amplify Pay, The Startup Assumedly Called Nigeria’s Number One Recurring Payments Platform

Amplify Pay

If you are a keen observer of the Nigerian startup scene you will have realized that there’s a large number of fin-tech startups. By our count there are more than twenty of them. One of such startups is Amplify Pay, a startup that has made it easier to collect recurring …

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Medsaf Is Making It Way Easier To Procure Genuine Drugs In Nigeria

Fake drugs are a major killer in developing countries like Nigeria. The peddlers looking to make quick money sell substandard drugs to individuals. Medsaf is working to make this a thing of the past. Faith History spoke with two of the startup’s Founders, Vivian Nwakah and Temitope Awosika, in this …

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Drinks.ng Wants To Deliver Your Liquor Orders To You At Anytime Of The Day


If you live in any part of Nigeria, there are typically two ways to get beverages (these include alcoholic & non-alcoholic). You either walk into a store to pick them up or call a vendor.  Drinks.ng is making this process easier for everyone. The four-year-old drinks ordering platform will deliver …

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Five Edtech Startups In Nigeria Seeking To Transform The Education Sector That You Should Know

Edtech Startups In Nigeria

Education is a nation’s most important asset. It is arguably what differentiates a third-world country from a developed one. This article paints a stark image; there’s a 100-year gap in education standards between developed and developing countries (see diagram below). This is one reason why these edtech startups in Nigeria …

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Elearn.ng Is Seeking To Reduce Unemployment By Helping African Youths Acquire Vocational Skills


In 2016, the UN (United Nations) Secretary-General, Ban Ki-Moon, urged member countries to renew its resolve to invest more in empowering young people. Elearn.ng, a Nigerian edtech startup appears to have answered Mr. Moon’s call. Mr. Moon’s proclamation further acknowledged that more than 73 million youths were unemployed. This was …

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MAX.ng (Metro Africa Xpress) Wants To Make It Far Easier To Move People & Materials Within African Cities

MAX.ng (Metro Africa Xpress)

One of the challenges that businesses face in most Nigerian cities is the difficulty of moving man and materials around. The challenge is a multifaceted one that includes poor road network, illegal roadblocks, dishonest personnel, limited technology etc. There are a number of startups seeking to help solve this problem. …

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Africa as a Platform: Meet The Innovators Telling The New ‘Africa for Africans’ Narrative

Africa as a Platform

Innovators and entrepreneurs will gather on November 17, 2017 for the first edition of the Africa as a Platform event. Investors and other industry players will also join them. Eunice Adeyemi of Q21 Solutions Limited is the Convener of this event. She discussed the event with Faith History in this …

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Push.ng| Everything Digital NG

Push.ng| Everything Digital NG

Are you tired of doing your deliveries and pick ups yourself? – we thought so too, and that’s why we are excited to be featuring this cool brand. This way you don’t have to deliver to your customers yourself, and still be timely especially in Lagos.   Have a Listen …

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SheLeadsAfrica.org|Everything Digital NG

SheLeadsAfrica.org|Everything Digital

Afua Osei is a Ghananian returnee who co-founded an organization Sheleadsafrica.org that provides Entrepreneurship mentoring and bootcamps for young female professionals all over Africa and beyond. In case you are wondering whether that’s all… Well it isn’t, so find out more. Just listen in!

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