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Faith History chats up founder of Piggybank.ng – Joshua Chibueze and he gives more insight to his digital transformation of the traditionally known Piggybank aka ‘Kolo’.

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Piggybank.ng provides quick access for its users to conveniently save money daily, weekly or monthly. What makes it different? Piggybank.ng guarantees a swift process to saving money with 1% interest per quarter, side note- this is not a commercial bank but works hand-in-hand with your commercial bank.

Piggybank.ng with Faith History

The best part is that, you can withdraw at any time from your Piggybank. However, Piggybank.ng has 4 withdrawal dates in a year and withdrawing outside these dates will attract a penalty charge

bottom line- this is a great platform for everyone looking at getting disciplined with their saving habits.  

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