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MindGuard: The Parenting App Protecting Kids From Internet Predators

One can compare the internet to a very big jungle with many wild animals. One would need a gun or a powerful weapon to stay alive. Internet security is a big deal. The industry was worth about $75 billion in 2015. If safety on the internet were a concern for adults how much more kids? MindGuard is an app that helps parents protect their kids online. Some examples of online threats are pornographic sites, cyber bullying and pro-suicide websites. Predatory adults and illegal content are also online concerns for parents.

Faith History spoke with Ndali Modebe and Dehinde Osinusi, you can listen using player below. They are team members from MindGuard.



Introducing The MindGuard App

Mindguard is an app that protects kids on the internet. The intent behind its creation was to screen and monitor what children do online. Firstly, it helps address the worries that parents have about online threats. One noteworthy threat are pro-suicide websites that teach people how to commit suicide. Some of these websites encourage children to stream the suicide online. Secondly, MindGuard put parents in control of what their children do on the internet.

The app is a product of Prodigious Minds Africa and it has existed since 2015. Vanessa Ideh is the Team Lead at the organization.


Here’s What MindGuard Does

Parents install the app on their phones and send a link to their children’s phones to activate control. It protects children by web filtering. In other words, it keeps children away from certain websites. These websites include the threats mentioned in the first paragraph of this article. Additionally, parents will receive notifications whenever their kids download any apps on their phones. Furthermore, parents can shut down their children’s phones from their own phones. Parents can also set time limits for apps.

MindGuard is a non-intrusive app which gives children and parents alike total control of their internet activities. It functions as a digital coach that helps kids set reminders to do their homework. Kids can also securely communicate with their parents via the app.

Do not forget to listen to the interview here. You can also sign up for MindGuard’s event at Social Media Week 2018 here. We would love to hear what you think about the app in the comments. We also recommend you learn what this startup is doing about cyber-security.

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