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She Leads Africa

She Leads Africa: Three Takeaways From Faith History’s Interview With Afua Osei

She Leads Africa is an organization that helps young African women succeed professionally. It does this through engaging online content and Africa-wide events. Afua Osei is a Co-founder at the organization which continues to offer women in its community tools, tips and the advice they need to achieve their dreams.

Faith History spoke with Afua Osei in this interview about a year. We have compiled a list of three takeaways that will benefit businesses and even individuals.


#1 – The Organization Grew Out Of Afua Osei’s Desire To Share Her Skills With Other Women

She Leads Africa came to be when Afua Osei sought a way to share her skills with other women. She wanted to share the skills and lessons she learnt as a Political & Strategy Consultant with other women seeking to get ahead. Furthermore, some of the skills she was looking to share were honed in business school. The result of her desire is a pan-African organization that is helping women lead more successful careers and businesses.

Identifying and monetizing one’s passion or talent is one way to get started as an entrepreneur. By simply connecting with people who need your skills, you can begin the journey of building a sustainable business.


#2 – She Leads Africa Shares Advice From People In Its Network & Community

The startup shares advice, expertise and very useful tips with women seeking to get ahead. The advice and tips come from women within Afua Osei’s network and the She Leads Africa community.

One of the most powerful skills in business is networking. There is a popular saying  that goes thus “your network determines your networth”. Entrepreneurs who have learnt to build a network of supportive people are usually very successful. However, it is one thing to build a network, it’s another thing to learn to tap into it in a win-win manner.


#3 – It Leverages The Power Of Digital To Reach More People

She Leads Africa as at 2016 was reaching women in about 25 countries. They achieved this by leveraging the power of technology and the internet. Its digital events enabled it reach women in locations where it wasn’t physically present.

The internet and technology in general provide a plethora of opportunities. It can help businesses amplify their impact and reach. Additionally it makes it possible to carry out tasks in a timely and efficient manner.


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