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How to Get Naked without taking off your clothes

Don’t act so surprised, I do realize that the title of my post was totally misleading  (clearly deliberate on my part). And now- that I’ve got your attention – let’s explore what this provocative title really means. Recently- I was invited to be part of a digital campaign that souFaith History- Get nakedght to start a conversation on social media. Really multiple conversations if it was to be any kind of success.  Mental Health issues such as Bipolar disorders and clinical depression as well as providing an outlet for those dealing with HIV are some of the themes and issues being explored.

The call to action? – Get to into a confidential counseling program and TALK ABOUT IT. Harder than it seems… after all this is Nigeria. I was honored to be invited to take part in it- although I do wish it had gained way more momentum as it had such a great need to be just that. Unfortunately the Call to Action got lost in translation somehow. Hopefully next time around they will have been able to secure substantial sponsorships/partnerships and blow this amazing campaign out of the water!

Have a listen as I chat with Founder, Sheifunmi Yusuf about his vision for this cause. Don’t forget to rate this episode!



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