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Female-founded startups in Nigeria focused on women

Four Female-Founded Startups In Nigeria Focused On Women That You Should Know

Remember the popular Beyonce anthem about women running the world? This is a good time to cue it in. Women indeed run the world! There are quite a number of female-founded startups in Nigeria. Some of them include LifeBank by Temie Giwa-Tunbosun, Beavly by Ijeoma Oguegbu, Wecyclers by Bilikiss Adebiyi etc. There are however a number of them who are not only female-founded but whose products and services are focused on women. Essentially, they serve the women market. The Harvard Business Review described Women as the largest emerging market in 2010.

So straightaway let’s dive into our list.


#1 – Female-founded Startups In Nigeria Focused On Women

SheSecures is trying to get more women into cyber-security

SheSecures is one of the female-founded startups in Nigeria focused on women. Its objective is to get more women into cyber-security. Additionally, it operates on the premise that women are under-represented in the cyber-security field. The premise is accurate. In the US, for example, only 14% of the cyber-security workforce are women.

SheSecures is the brainchild of Lillian Douglas and Sophina Kio-Lawson. It is a community-based startup. It is an offline and online community for women professionals and enthusiasts in cyber security. The startup creates awareness regarding cyber-security. It also mentors and guides girls to take up a career in cyber security. Additionally, it connects women professionals in cyber security with young female mentees. Furthermore, the startups is aiming at contributing to increase in the number of women who have a career in cyber security.


#2 – Female-founded Startups In Nigeria Focused On Women

Mamalette is improving health outcomes for pregnant women & new mothers

Anike Lawal founded Mamalette. Additionally, the startup primarily serves women. Furthermore, just like SheSecures it is also a community-based startup. Mamalette trains experienced mothers who work as health champions in various neighborhoods. These women then share the maternal and infant health information with women in their community. This information is critical and life-saving for pregnant and new mothers. The startup prioritizes poor and vulnerable women.


#3 – Female-founded Startups In Nigeria Focused On Women

SheLeadsAfrica is helping women succeed professionally

Afua Osei and Yasmin Belo-Osagie are the founders of SheLeadsAfrica. Additionally, it is “a community that helps young African women achieve their professional dreams”. Furthermore, the startup achieves this by providing them the tools, advice and network they need to achieve this. It creates engaging online content which can help women become better leaders. It also organizes pan-African events that can help them meet role-models and outstanding women achievers.


#4 – Female-founded Startups In Nigeria Focused On Women

Tress provides women of color to share & discover beautiful hairstyles

Cassandra Sarfo, Esther Olatunde and Priscilla Hazel are the founders of Tress. Esther Olatunde is Nigerian while the others are not. The startup was included on the list because of the Nigerian Co-founder. At the soul of Tress is a passionate community of women of color from around the world. They share their hairstyles with one another. Users can also see detailed info such as the exact hair products used, how much it cost, and the salon’s location.


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