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Our New Website and Episode 1 with Funke Shonekan

Finally we’ve done it and it only took a few weeks and lots of research to figure it all out. There are several things we wanted to do with the site- but we just weren’t sure you know – loads of reviews out there about the perfect WordPress theme to use for a review focused website. We had several options- but ended up with the Sahifa theme because not only did it have the review elements we needed it also had a nice selection of built-in widgets, including a sound cloud player (you can listen to past episodes), a facebook widget and various other bits and bobs. Best of all – I could customize and install it within a relatively short amount of time (3 hours).

So the basics done and we’re on to this –  our very first post. I want to spend less time on design and more time on writing and creating amazing content that you guys will want to read.

When the laborer is praised, his cutlass begins to cut more keenly -Nigerian proverb

Here are some of the things we hope to do with this site.

  • Feature, test and review digital brands, products and services from all over Nigeria
  • Share loads of fashion/lifestyle inspiration
  • Share past episodes of the Everything Digital radio show
  • Talk about anything else that takes our fancy


Funke Shonekan- Yap and E


As an event consultant and founder of the Young Adult Professionals & Entrepreneurs networks. This lady knows all about leveraging the power of digital for an offline event that she produces monthly for her organization and so we had a great chat about  some important elements/attributes of the YAP& E  ethos that I also thought tied in nicely with the elements of  what it takes to be a good digital citizen. Our very first episode.. check it out! Hope you love it!


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