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Delivery Science

Delivery Science: Meet The Startup Its Client Labelled “Your Friendly Monitoring Spirit”

On today’s episode we feature a business labelled “monitoring spirit” by its customers. Delivery Science helps organizations monitor and manage what happens on the field. The field represents team members and distribution assets outside the office. Faith History interviewed Lanre Oyedotun, a Co-founder at Delivery Science. Lanre Oyedotun calls himself the Chief Everything Officer at the organization. He handles current and potential customers. Chuka Ofili is the Chief Enterprise Architect in charge of technology. Toyin Oshinowo manages the product and data science team.


What Exactly Does Delivery Science Do?

We figured this question will also run through your mind. One thing it does not do is deliver goods from one point to another. Eighty percent of people work in the field while the rest work in the factory, according to Mr. Oyedotun. There was no complete solution that ensured 100% supply chain visibility. Consequently, Delivery Science was founded to solve this problem. It helps companies distributing goods and services know what is happening in real-time. Organizations using its solution can have data visibility and control over activities in its operations.


Delivery Science Application & Its Clients

Organizations without this solution will typically micromanage players in their chain. This gets difficult when you have about ten or more employees in the distribution chain. This is the point at which such organizations approach Delivery Science. The organization’s application aggregates data from the field and helps them make sense of it. The application is called FieldInsight. The application is eighty-percent the same for all of its customers. Ten-percent of the application is customized depending on the organization.

The startup’s initial customers were Fast Moving Consumer Goods organizations. However, they now have clients from the Utilities and Financial Services sector. The product serves all organizations that have people on the field including a sales force, installation team etc. There is also a free plan for small and medium-sized enterprises. The plan accommodates one field user and one web user.


Future Plans & How to Sign Up on Delivery Science

To sign up on the platform, take the steps listed below.

  • Go to www.deliveryscience.co
  • Click “fill out the form”
  • Submit the form

Lanre believes they are in the early days of what they are aiming to achieve. They have gained a bit of traction in Nigeria and are looking to expand across Africa. According to him, Data is a big problem in Africa and this is one reason why goods are so expensive. They are expensive because businesses have to factor in externalities which they cannot control. Since there is no visibility, many businesses are not bankable. Banks do not commit to them because they cannot monitor what they do.

A typical user on Delivery Science gathers about eight thousand data points a day. An analysis of this data can be of immense benefit to businesses. Their job according to the Co-founder is to help its clients make sense of these data points. This data will be useful in helping these businesses succeed.

The startup does not believe they are at the point where they can speak much about data science. Their priority remains data analysis. Data Science will then help predict the future. Their present goal is to scale the number of businesses using their application. Imagine eight thousand data points across ten thousand businesses! This data will help drive the future of what they are attempting to achieve in Africa.

You can listen to the full interview with Faith History here. Don’t forget to share with friends and colleagues.


Photocredit; Delivery Science

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