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Nerve Mobile Is Building Africa’s First Unified Digital Content Distribution Platform

Nerve Mobile is a two-year old technology company offering Africans access to locally-relevant digital content. Its unified content distribution platform NerveFlo provides African content creators a one stop shop to sell a variety of content. These include audio, video & text materials. The content will be available for purchase in over 20 countries. The startup won the DEMO Africa 2014 title.

Silas Okwoche, a Co-founder at Nerve Mobile spoke with Faith History on Episode 105 of the Everything Digital Radio Show. You can listen to the full interview here.


A Bit Of Background On Nerve Mobile

Silas Okwoche started the company with his team sometime after earning a Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering. Although he initially hoped to work in Nigeria’s Oil & Gas sector, he later changed his mind as his love for technology continued to grow. Before founding Nerve Mobile, Silas did some freelance work and also worked with an Oracle partner in Nigeria.

The startup first launched with its own brand of smartphones as a way for Africans to access digital content. There were hardly any major smartphones brands around at the time. Subsequently, the startup decided to focus on building its digital content marketplace. This was because it didn’t make much sense to be involved in the hardware business anymore as more smartphones flooded the market.


The Rationale Behind Starting Nerve Mobile’s Content Platform

Although NerveFlo makes it easier to access a large variety of African content, Silas says there’s more it. NerveFlo is making it easier for content creators to access their primary market which is Africans in Africa. Before the platform launched, local content creators could only sell their content on international platforms which served foreign markets better. The marketplace allows creators sell content to the local audience in their local currency starting with Naira. It appears the startup will be looking to add more currencies in the nearest future.


Nerve Mobile Co-founder, Silas Okwoche
Photo Credit; Africa.co


How To Access And Sell On Nerve Mobile’s Content MarketPlace

You can access the platform via the website www.nerveflo.com on your desktop and mobile device. There is also an Android app available in the Google Play store. You can buy any content you want on the website or via the Android app.

Consumers can access digital content such as books, comics, short films, music, magazines, movies and a number of others. These could be free or premium content depending on the price the creator pegs it at. Prices range from 30 Naira to 1,000 Naira or higher.

Sellers can upload their content to the platform via the website by simply clicking “Become A Seller” on the top right corner of the home page. Furthermore, sellers can upload their content in 60 seconds and can choose to earn either in Naira or USD. Earnings from their content is delivered directly to them in real time. Presently, eighty percent of sellers on the platform are on the continent while the remaining twenty percent includes Africans in diaspora.


Nerve Mobile And The Upcoming Imbube African Book Festival

The organization is hosting an event named the Imbube African Book Festival to put a spotlight on writers and their work. This is based on a belief that literature should be the baseline for culture. In other words great content should come out of great books. The objective of the event is to celebrate Africans on the continent telling stories about Africa. Imbube is the Zulu word for Lion.

The event is inspired by the following quote from Chinua Achebe “Until the lions have their own historians, the history of the hunt will always glorify the hunter… Once I realized that, I had to be a writer. It’s not one man’s job. But it is something we have to do, so that the story of the hunt will also reflect the agony, the travail — the bravery, even, of the lions.”.

According to Silas Okwoche, digital is the future of book publishing. He believes in the nearest future, more people will access books in their digital formats instead of print. Mark Coker, Founder of the world’s largest indie book distributorseems to agree. The event will bring writers, publishers, booksellers and literature enthusiasts together to discuss the future of publishing. There will also be discussions to help writers become better book sellers and how their books can go on to shape culture. You can find more about the event here and register to attend here.


Tell us what your think in the comments! Don’t forget to listen to the full interview here.

MyMusic.com.ng – Discover your favorite artistes and their songs

Introducing MyMusic.com.ng

After founding and running a Web & Branding agency with his brother for seven years, Dolapo Taiwo decided to build a product that would help Nigerians discover their favorite artistes and their songs. On this episode of the show we are featuring MyMusic.com.ng; a platform that was born after Dolapo and his brother discovered the gaps that existed in the Nigerian music discovery and consumption space. Being a music enthusiast himself, Mr. Taiwo who plays the keyboard believes he fully understands the pains artistes experience as well music lovers and he has set about tackling them.


We are all quite familiar with these challenges

One of the challenges that artistes face is the monster – piracy! We are too familiar with this beast. Dolapo is of the opinion that you really cannot fight piracy. According to him, one of the approaches to defeating it is to create legitimate alternatives that will compete with what pirates are offering. Piracy eats into the artistes’ revenue thereby robbing them of the reward for their labor.

Another important piece of the puzzle for artistes which Mr. Taiwo alluded to is how to get songs directly to consumers in a very efficient manner without frustrating them in the process. The beauty of the digital economy is that it brings music closer to music lovers.



Here is where MyMusic.com.ng comes in

The platform offers an alternative to music discovery and consumption thereby kicking out ‘the Pirate’. Consumers can easily find their favorite songs using the search field at the top of the website. They can also explore the platform using the ‘Artist’, ‘Album’ or ‘Songs’ button. Consumers can pay and download a song with one click. Payment can be done with phone credit and an SMS confirmation which includes a re-download link will then be sent to the buyer. The re-download link is to ensure that the buyer can access the song in the case of failure at first attempt.

In speaking about how their product is differentiated, Dolapo mentioned that they have a robust collection of over 5,000 ‘old school’ songs. Consumers can access each of these songs within 5 seconds. The discovery tool also displays information about the songs other consumers are downloading. The song files are quite small so consumers have no excuse not to download them. Consumers can also share the songs they have discovered online within their social community.

The startup which launched a year ago however considers itself more than just a music discovery service company.

In the Co-founder’s words:

“We see ourselves as a music company and the music download service is one of the few things we are going to do”.

You might want to check out the platform to discover your favorite artiste’s newest song. I checked out an old song, ‘Always on my mind (remix)’ by NOSA and it’s just 30 Naira. It seems most of the songs are also priced the same. You can also explore similar apps like Pandora, Shazam, Spotify and Slacker radio. For more on this episode of the show you can listen here.

(Image credit: www.music.com.ng)

Youtube for Nigeria| Everything Digital NG

Youtube for Nigeria| Everything Digital NG
Youtube for Nigeria| Everything Digital NG

Everything Digital Radio chats with Youtube Nigeria’s Teju Ajani.

Today’s Episode is for all of you video content creators. Here’s my question- do you currently have a youtube channel or are you perhaps thinking of creating one?

If you answered yes to either- then you’re in luck! Because we’ve got answers! Today on the show, we are joined by Teju Ajani, the Head of Content and Partnerships for YouTube NG. She’s a cutie and yes she’s actually feeling pretty chatty (which we loooove!) She chats with me about her background, plus her role (insert drool) at Youtube Nigeria and so much more stuff that I never knew about the Tube.

Okay maybe I did know a little bit already, seeing as my personal youtube channel is still in an abandoned sad state, I really needed this session with her. Fortunately she agreed to put me out of my misery and takes me on a deep dive into the Youtube Creators Studio- check out the interview here

Guys you definitely wouldn’t want to miss this episode for anything, especially if you weren’t able or (invited) to attend the recent 2-day intensive session of YouTube Nigeria for creators, the food was great – the company was awesome!!! I met so many youtubers it was exciting!

Go ahead-  do have a listen and don’t forget sharing is caring-  and of course feel free to drop your comments (or gripe about not being invited).  I know how you feel, I think.. okay I’ll stop rubbing it in now.

Catch you on your channel (if you have one) and drop me a line with your channel details in the comments section will ya?


Real 360 online radio review

Abit cheeky I suppose, reviewing an online radio station/service seeing as we’re also in the audio space.. but hey.. we’re Everything Digital and yes we can basically explore and check out anything and everything as long as its .. yep you got it- Digital. So now… Real 360 radio is an online radio platform that basically started out of Calabar by a technogeek/MC/Club runner – Nonso Nwanah – just so he could make sure his touristy clubbers could continue to listen to revisit the amazing music and fun vibes they’d enjoyed while on holiday.  Now, he’s been running it for several years so its not so much a startup anymore.. more like an underground movement with a fan base the world over.


First things first .. I have to download the app to truly experience what this is all about. So I do just that – had a poke about on google play store and found it.. you can also download it here .  This app and the overall Real 360 radio experience is a no brainer…you want great Naija music on the go? Get it. Period.

Don’t forget to have a listen to my interview with @NomzyJ.

Abit cheeky I suppose, reviewing an online radio station/service seeing as we're also in the audio space.. but hey.. we're Everything Digital and yes we can basically explore and check out anything and everything as long as its .. yep you got it- Digital. So now... Real 360 radio is an online radio platform that basically started out of Calabar by a technogeek/MC/Club runner - Nonso Nwanah - just so he could make sure his touristy clubbers could continue to listen to revisit the amazing music and fun vibes they'd enjoyed while on holiday.  Now, he's been running it for several years…


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