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Agritech Startups In Nigeria That Are Disrupting How We Farm

Within a year of its existence, FarmCrowdy secured funding of $1 m from venture capitalists and angel investors. Some of the investors were Cox Enterprises, Techstars Ventures, Social Capital, Hallett Capital and Right-Side Capital. Others were angel investors Tyler Scriven, Michael Cohn, Josephine Group, FC Agro Allied SPV and Dr. Christof Walter. FarmCrowdy is one of the agritech startups in Nigeria that are redefining farming as we know it. The million dollar investment goes to show the importance of technology in enabling agriculture.

FarmCrowdy uses technology to connect farmers with people who have the funds. This capital is very critical for farmers in Nigeria. One, it’s tough to access funds. Two, farmers need it to purchase farm inputs and implements. Agriculture is the biggest employer in Africa so it makes sense that more startups are innovating in that space. Here is an attempt to introduce you to a few of them.


#1 – Agritech Startups In Nigeria

ProbityFarms is helping farmers manage farm records

ProbityFarms helps farmers manage their activities in an efficient manner. It also helps them budget, monitor their investment and also access funds quicker. Farmers can manage operations such as planting activities, sales, accounting, inventory management and market access. Additionally, the application provides  intelligence that helps farmers accurately predict farm activities throughout the planting season. This will then increase yields by up to 80%. Furthermore, ProbityFarms enables users generate cashflow statements that prove they are credit-worthy. Farmers can then use it to request for loans.

Olushola Ogunniyi and Wole Ogunlade are the founders of the startup. Wole shares useful tips for farmers in this article. They launched the startup in 2017.


#2 – Agritech Startups In Nigeria

FarmCrowdy is empowering farmers with capital

FarmCrowdy allows anyone fund a farmer to put it succinctly. Additionally, sponsors can decide what type of farm they want to fund. They will then receive regular updates about the farm. Furthermore, sponsors receive pay from sales of farm produce. Farmers can use the funds they receive from sponsors to purchase seedlings and other important farm input.

See below to listen to Faith History’s interview with Tope Omotolani VP, Operations at FarmCrowdy.


#3 – Agritech Startups In Nigeria

Hello Tractor is providing tractors to low-income farmers

Hello Tractor allows small scale farmers order and pay for tractors through SMS and mobile money.  The startup does not own these tractors, instead it connects owners with technology that makes it easy to rent them out. The startup began operations in Nigeria in 2015. It is based out of Abuja, Nigeria’s Capital. Additionally, the startup provides tractor owners with a telematics device. This device uses satellite to provide tractor operation data when attached to tractors. The startup uses a fleet management app to access this data. The data includes insight on location of a tractor. It also provides information on what a farmer is using a tractor for and when.

You can also learn more about the startup here.


#4 – Agritech Startups In Nigeria

Growsel is empowering smallholder farmers to end poverty & hunger

Growsel provides small scale farmers with funds to grow their business. It also provides large scale farmers with funds from investors. These investors can be individuals. Investors can select a farm of their choice to sponsor. Additionally, investors can receive updates of all farming activities. Investors can receive return of investment between 10% – 30%.

Growsel also provides support to farmers in the form of improved seeds, chemicals, fertilizers etc. Furthermore, the startup provides farmers with funds for direct labor, weeding and farm management related needs. These funds are given on a needs basis. It also assists farmers with buyers who are always available to purchase the farm produce. You can learn more about the startup here.


#5 – Agritech Startups In Nigeria

ThriveAgric is on a mission to ensure food security

ThriveAgric is a digital agriculture startup that is backed by Ventures Platform. It collects funds from whoever can provide it and then uses it to fund farmers. It is similar to FarmCrowdy and Growsel. Individuals can participate in its four step process. This includes creating an account and choosing a farm. It also includes receiving farm updates and returns on investment after sales of farm produce. Some of the farms investors can choose from are maize, cowpea and rice farms. Investors can also fund poultry farms, groundnut farms and soybeans farms, just to mention a few. You can read more about the startup here.


#6 -Agritech Startups In Nigeria

Growcropsonline allows everyone run a farm from their homes

Growcropsonline helps individuals actually run their own farms. Unlike the other agritech startups, it doesn’t connect investors with farmers . With this startup, users can select a crop, rent land and get people to do all the work. Clients can then choose to either sell the farm produce or get it delivered to them. The startup works with a network of farm managers, extension workers and also real farmers.

Find out more about the startup in below interview:


#7 – Agritech Startups In Nigeria

Alosfarm is simplifying how farm produce is sold

Alosfarm simply connects buyers with farm produce. Its mission is to make the purchase of farm produce easier for everyone. Alosfarm uses a smart supply chain system that cuts down wastage to zero. It also ensures that all farm produce go through quality check. This will then ensure that fresh farm produce are delivered to customers. Farmers can sell directly to customers. Alosfarm started out in December 2017 and currently has a team of four. Furthermore, the founders have experience in rural farming. Click here to read more about the startup.


#8 – Agritech Startups In Nigeria

Iyali Foods wants to make farm fresh food easily accessible

Iyali Foods is an agritech startup that delivers farm fresh food to Nigerians. Seyi Albert is the Founder at Iyali Foods. Seyi’s grandparents were farmers and he spent some time on their farms. The startup’s goal is to make affordable food easily accessible. Iyali Foods helps farmers prevent food wastage resulting from logistical issues. The startup has built a logistical system that delivers to its clients in a short time. It is able to source farm produce from farmers & related partners who are nowhere near its end consumers.

See below to learn more about the startup from Seyi Albert’s interview with Faith History:


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An Overview Of Ten Major Coworking Spaces In Lagos

Since the launch of the Co-creation Hub (CcHub) in 2012, there has been the emergence of many coworking spaces in Lagos. The Co-creation Hub is arguably one of the foremost innovation labs in Nigeria. What started off as a coworking space has snow-balled into an innovation ecosystem now spread across the nation.

Let’s start off by covering the basics. What exactly is a co-working space?

A co-working space is basically a type of workplace where we share the same work environment, thus making a community in the same area.

In simple words, it is a type of workplace where individuals from different organizations share the same office space.

This article lists ten major coworking spaces in Lagos. However, there are quite a number spread across Nigeria. Here they are in no particular order:


#1 – Coworking Spaces In Lagos: CapitalSquare

CapitalSquare is a membership-based coworking space with locations in Lekki and Ikoyi. Its Founder and CEO is Modupe Macaulay. She opened the space in 2013. Additionally, membership plans include community membership and resident membership. It also has a private office plan. Prices range from 5,000 Naira per month to 60,000 Naira per month. This depends on the plan you select. It also holds events and offers business advisory services to members.

capitalsquare: coworking spaces in lagos
Image Credit: Herald.ng



#2 – Coworking Spaces In Lagos: Co-Creation Hub

CcHUB is Nigeria’s first open living lab and pre-incubation space located in Yaba. It was designed to be a multi-functional, multi-purpose space where work to catalyze creative social tech ventures take place. Its Founders are Bosun Tijani and Femi Longe. Additionally, it has dedicated its 6th Floor as a free coworking space for creatives. However, they have to earn points to get access to the space. You can check it out here. It also offers a space called the Cube. The Cube is a cozy, private space for brainstorming sessions and meetings.It is priced at 2,000 Naira per hour and 15,000 Naira per day.

CcHub: coworking spaces in Lagos
ImageCredit: InnovationisEverywhere.com



#3 – Coworking Spaces In Lagos: Cranium One

Cranium One is a warm, open and inviting shared workspace for entrepreneurs and small businesses. The space is located in Victoria Island and launched in 2016. Its Founder is Olaotan Towry-Coker. Additionally, its mission is to operate a shared workspace that fosters – collaboration, openness, innovation, creativity, community, accessibility and sustainability. Membership plans include private office, shared and dedicated desk. It also offers meeting room and pay per use. It will also provide classes that cover topics such as creative thinking, effective project management so individuals can develop skills.

Cranium One: coworking spaces in Lagos
Image Credit: Guardian Nigeria



#4 – Coworking Spaces In Lagos: Cre8 Space

Cre8 Space is Nigeria’s first fin-tech hub, dedicated to building a community of start-ups, investors and relevant stakeholders in the industry. The space is powered by Cafe Neo.  Cafe Neo’s founders are Ngozi Dozie and Chijioke Dozie. It is located in Victoria Island. Members will have access to events focused on the fintech industry. Additionally, it has a pay as you go plan, weekly and also monthly plan. Prices range from 5,000 Naira to 65,000 Naira depending on which plan you select. Furthermore, it offers a meeting room, conference and special rental service. Learn more here. Members will be able to engage with key players in the fintech industry.

Cre8 Space: coworking space in Lagos



#5 – Coworking Spaces In Lagos: Leadspace

Leadspace is a coworking space with locations in Yaba and Ojodu. It was founded in 2016 and is a sister company to Passion Incubator. Olufunbi Falayi is the CEO of Leadspace. Leadspace has plans to open in several other locations across Nigeria. If it does, it will be the coworking space with the highest number of locations in Nigeria. Its membership plans include daily pass, flexible desk, virtual and sleeper plan. It also offers a private room, training room, conference room and meeting room. Furthermore, the Ojodu location has a co-living space. Prices range from 2,000 Naira for a daily pass, to 100,000 Naira for  its yearly virtual plan. This depends on the location you select.

Leadspace: coworking spaces in Lagos
Image Credit: TechPoint.ng



#6 – Coworking Spaces In Lagos: Litcaf

According to its website, Litcaf was the first coworking space in Nigeria. It was opened in 2013 and provides an avenue for professionals and business people to network. It also offers a place to read for those studying for professional exams. The space is located in Yaba and Onikan. Its founder is Temitope Apoola.

Litcaf: coworking spaces in Lagos



#7 – Coworking Spaces In Lagos: Seedspace

Seedspace offers a coworking & coliving space for digital nomads and startups. It is located in Parkview Estate, Ikoyi. It is part of the Seedstars network; organizers of the Seedstars World pitching event. Additionally, it hosts workshops and training events for startups. Membership plans include shared desk, dedicated desk and private offices. It also provides meeting rooms and event spaces. Its shared desk option is priced at 35,000 Naira a month while the dedicated desk alternative costs 50,000 Naira a month.

Seedspace: coworking spaces in Lagos



#8 – Coworking Spaces In Lagos: V8 Valley

V8 Valley is a coworking space in Lekki Phase 1 operated by V8 Ventures. V8 Ventures is an organization whose vision is to bridge the gap between young businesses, investors and highly experienced mentors. The objective is to ensure rapid commercial growth across Africa especially in the digital technology space. Furthermore, its founders are Tobi Oke and Ugo Okoye. Membership plans include private office, dedicated desk and also traveler plan. It also has other plans like virtual plan, flex plan and traveler plus. Prices range from 5,000 Naira per month to 75,000 Naira every month depending on the plan you select.

V8 Valley: coworking spaces in Lagos
Image Credit: Coworker.com



#9 – Coworking Spaces In Lagos: Venia Business Hub

Venia Business Hub is a shared office and coworking space with two locations in Lekki Phase 1. It is part of the Venia Group whose Founder is Kola Oyeneyin. It offers private offices, meeting rooms and also a virtual office plan. Additionally, a free monthly business masterclass called The Boardroom. The space was opened in 2011 according to its website. This makes it one of the first coworking spaces in Nigeria. Prices range from 4,000 Naira per month to 220,000 Naira per month depending on the plan you select.

Venia Business Hub: coworking spaces in Lagos



#10 – Coworking Spaces In Lagos: Wennovation Hub

Wennovation Hub describes itself as a pioneer innovation accelerator with locations in Lagos and Ibadan. Its Lagos location is in Ikeja – the state capital. Its focus is on social impact sectors including Education, Agriculture, Healthcare and Infrastructure. Furthermore, it emphasizes the importance of job creation in all its programs. You can visit the hub at 76, Mobolaji Bank Anthony Way, Opebi, Ikeja. The Wennovation Hub in Ibadan offers different plans for startups. Prices range from 2,000 Naira per day to 20,000 Naira monthly.

Wennovation Hub: coworking spaces in Lagos



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Five Artificial Intelligence Startups In Nigeria To Keep An Eye On

Are there really any Artificial Intelligence Startups In Nigeria? This was the question that led to writing this article. Therefore, the answer is one we attempt to answer in this post. As usual, before we proceed, let’s ensure everyone understands what Artificial Intelligence (AI) means.

Artificial intelligence is the simulation of human intelligence processes by machines, especially computer systems. These processes include learning (the acquisition of information and rules for using the information), reasoning (using the rules to reach approximate or definite conclusions), and self-correction. Particular applications of AI include expert systems, speech recognition and machine vision.”

So, back to our question, let’s explore some of the AI startups in Nigeria.


#1 – Artificial Intelligence Startups In Nigeria

 Ubenwa is giving hope to newborns

Ubenwa is a machine learning system that can detect asphyxia in a baby. It does this by analyzing the baby’s cry at birth. Asphyxia is one of the top 3 causes of infant mortality in the world. It kills almost one million infants annually. Additionally, research has traced 1.1 million intrapartum stillbirths, long-term neurological disability and impairment to it.  Furthermore,Ubenwa’s solution is cheaper to existing clinical alternatives. Charles Onu is the founder of the startup.


#2 – Artificial Intelligence Startups In Nigeria

Kudi.ai is making payments seamless

This AI startup allows users make payments and send money by chatting with a bot. Users can chat with the bot on Messenger, Skype and also Telegram. The organization was a member of the YCombinator Winter 2017 cohort. Pelumi Aboluwarin is one of the founders. There’s also Yinka Adewale.  The chatbot only requires the phone number of the receiver to transfer money to her. It is also a part of Facebook’s Free Basics platform. A TechCrunch report said the startup already raised $13 million in funding. The report was published in February 2017.


#3 – Artificial Intelligence Startups In Nigeria

Touchabl is making it easier to shop using images

Ever seen something you loved in a picture? Perhaps it was the shoe, the shirt or the tie. Touchabl will help you identify what brand it is. Additionally, it will also help you purchase it if you so desire. Furthermore, the startup promises to “revolutionize how we discover things in any of the 675 billions photos shared online every year”. Gabriel Eze is the CEO and Co-founder at the company. You can also find the rest of the team here. Gabriel mentioned to TechPoint.ng that his team worked on the object detection algorithm for about six years. He also said that the application is arguably Africa’s most advanced AI project in the area of computer vision.


#4 – Artificial Intelligence Startups In Nigeria

Versus is using sentiment analysis to change how business is done

Versus.ng is a sentiment analysis product that enables objective reporting while measuring sentiment across different brands – companies and individuals. It monitors news sources and social networks to see when ever a brand is mentioned. It then provides sentiment and popularity reports as a result of the monitoring. This helps brands and companies make intelligent decisions. Versus is a product of technology firm; EnterFive LLC.

According to Brandwatch, Sentiment Analysis is the process of determining the emotional tone behind a series of words, used to gain an understanding of the the attitudes, opinions and emotions expressed within an online mention.


#5 – Artificial Intelligence Startups In Nigeria

 Lara is helping commuters get around Lagos easily

Lara.ng is an automated directions assistant for Lagos. It guides people to get from one point to another. It also provides fare quotes so commuters know how much they’ll need. At its core, Lara is a chatbot powered by Artificial Intelligence. Users simply enter where they are and where they intend to go. Lara then displays how to get there alongside how much it’ll cost them. Users will need to use keywords “From” and “To” in order to get an appropriate reply from Lara.  It is the brainchild of Road Preppers Technologies. The founders are Samuel Adeoye, Nnamdi Nwanze and Ladi Ojora.


There are two other artificial intelligence startups in Nigeria we stumbled upon. They are Aajoh and Going Jeje. Going Jeje is one of the startups in FasterCapital’s portfolio. We were however unable to confirm if they are both still active.

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Image Credit: Alan Simpson via Flickr CC

Seven Fintech Startups In Nigeria Changing How We Live And Do Business

Over the last few years there has been a surge in the number of fintech startups in Nigeria. You most likely will be familiar with startups like Flutterwave, Paystack, PagatechQuickteller by Interswitch (if you consider it one) and a number of others. Here is a great list of a good number of the fin-tech startups in Nigeria. We have interviewed a few of these startups, this article focuses on them. Let’s dive into them, shall we?


Fintech Startups in Nigeria: NairaBox

NairaBox is a digital wallet app which allows you buy movie and event tickets, pay for bills, purchase airtime and donate to charity through ‘the click of a button’. Jay Chikezie, Tokunbo Adetona and Damilola Jegede founded the startup in December 2015. The goal of the startup, it appears, is to help users make payments and donations in record time. The app is available for download in the Google Play and iTunes store.

The app is social in the sense that it allows you send money to other NairaBox users or any of your phone contacts.


Fintech Startups in Nigeria: Aella Credit

Aella Credit is a lending platform that allows people access loans instantly. Akin Jones founded the startup after quitting his job at a financial services company. In his interview with Faith History, Mr. Jones mentioned that his team did zero marketing when they launched the startup. The simple reason is that everybody needs money. Money doesn’t need marketing, does it? However, it is worthy of note that Aella Credit rode on its relationship with certain partner companies to acquire thousands of borrowers. Smart move, huh?

The platform is integrated with the major credit bureaus in Nigeria. Its strategy is to lend money to only credit-worthy borrowers. The application is built to identify such borrowers. You can read a bit more about the startup here.


Fintech Startups in Nigeria: PiggyBank.ng

While the previous startup lends you money, this one helps you save it. PiggyBank is a secure online savings platform. This startup makes you save! It does this by automating the process of saving. In simple terms, it deducts directly from your bank account. It only allows you withdraw for free on certain dates however, you get penalized for withdrawals outside these dates. These features are in place to make you disciplined.

United Bank of Africa houses the savings from PiggyBank.ng.  The startup has also partnered with Metro Microfinance Bank. Listen to the interview with Faith History and read a bit more about the startup here.


Fintech Startups in Nigeria: Amplify Pay

Amplify Pay helps businesses collect and manage recurring payments. Segun Adeyemi relaunched the payments startup after previously calling it SlushPay. The startup’s focus is to take on the $32 billion recurring payments opportunity in Nigeria.  Segun graduated with a degree with Economics but his love for technology came out of a knack to solve problems. He met Maxwell Obi his Co-founder during the MEST ((Meltwater Entrepreneurial School of Technology) recruitment exercise. They both got into the MEST program and the rest like they say is history.


Fintech Startups in Nigeria: Social Lender

Social Lender is a fintech solution that lends individuals money based on their social reputation. Users sign up on the platform with their social media account. The platform’s proprietary social algorithm will then perform an audit. After the audit, a social reputation score will be generated. Following this, users can apply for the loans they need. Loans available currently range from 1,000 Naira to 100,000 Naira. Funds will typically be made available within 10 minutes.

Bincom ICT Solutions is the mother company of the Social Lender platform. The startup recently partnered with CGAP (Consultative Group to Assist the Poor) to explore how social data can predict the loan repayment behavior of low-income earners. This pilot program will make loans available to low-income earners to meet emergency needs.  Listen to Faith History’s interview with Bade Adesemowo, CTO & Co-founder – Social Lender here.


Fintech Startups in Nigeria: Kudimoney

Kudimoney is building a full service, online only bank in Nigeria and Africa in general. Its current focus is to help its customers save money. The problems customers have with Nigerian banks have necessitated the launch of Kudimoney. One of these problems is high and unnecessary charges. The startup also helps customers get good interest rates on their money. Its aim includes offering a full suite of banking services at affordable price points. Babs Ogundeyi is the Founder at this startup.


Fintech Startups in Nigeria: StartCredits

StartCredits is an online loan marketplace. Rahmon Ojukotola is the Founder at this startup. It is hoping to improve financial inclusion through its advanced credit risk system. Nigerians can go on the platform to do a search of whatever type of loan they want. The platform will then display details about loans available from different banks.

The startup also builds advanced credit risk models to businesses especially banks to help them decide on who to lend to. Its solution also helps provide better and more accurate credit risk information to these banks. This enables them lend to more applicants.


We are continually looking to connect startups with millions of Nigerians every week. We will continue to update the list as we interview more fintech Founders and startups. Drop us a comment or send us an email via everythingdigitalng@gmail.com.


Featured image; Downloadsource.fr via Compfight CC