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AccountingHub.ng Is Demystifying Book-keeping For Startups And Small Businesses

Chioma Ifeanyi-Eze founded AccountingHub.ng after she spent eleven years working as an Accountant in different organizations. She received several invitations from friends to help set-up accounting systems for businesses from ground up. Chioma finally decided to set-up shop to help startups get their numbers right. Her startup now provides professional and affordable accounting services to startups and small businesses.

She spoke with Faith History in this interview about her journey as an entrepreneur and her startup. The Founder considers herself an accountant and a techie. This dual personality (if you will) is what has culminated into AccountingHub.ng.


AccountingHub.ng: The Founder’s Entrepreneurial Journey

Chioma Ifeanyi-Eze recalls that she has always loved numbers from a young age. She fell in love with maths right from her primary school years. Her Dad was an Engineer who spent time teaching mathematics. Chioma later went on to get a Bachelor’s and Masters degree in Accounting.

After her education, she landed a job with PricewaterhouseCoopers one of the big four accounting firms. After some time, she moved around several industries including banking, investment, aviation, logistics, just to mention a few. She spent eleven years in the accounting functions of about nine different organizations. Chioma got her ‘aha moment’ during those years when she found out that accounting systems and processes were non-existent in many businesses. Passion meets opportunity? Yes please!


AccountingHub.ng: Passion Meets Opportunity On A Scale

The startup was founded out of her goal to scale her work of establishing accounting systems and functions in several organizations. Setting up AccountingHub.ng consequently enabled Chioma leap from helping eight businesses to working with hundreds of businesses. It essentially gave her more time to solve the accounting problems of several organizations.

The startup focuses on helping several businesses with book-keeping and accounting systems. It helps them get credible numbers without having to chase down an accountant. The startup also ensures proper accounting processes are in place in every business it engages. Many times wrong numbers or losses are a result of failed processes. Where they don’t exist, there is consequently bound to be confusion or like we say in Nigerian lingo, “mago-mago” or better still “wuru-wuru”.


Now Business Owners Can Take Their Accountant Everywhere They Go

No, we don’t mean an actual person. AccountingHub.ng provides cloud accounting services which implies that you can keep tabs on your numbers wherever you are. Startup founders and business owners can track inventory, sales etc. on the go without a need to call an accountant every second. The startup is a Certified Sage One Adviser. Sage One is an cloud accounting system which satisfies the book-keeping needs small businesses may have. AccountingHub.ng also works with other accounting systems, find a full list here.

Chioma and her team also automate accounting processes for startups so they always get their numbers right. Additionally, the startup provides training to in-house accountants. Furthermore, startups can get a free consultation from AccountingHub.ng. Organizations can also purchase services from its online shop. The startup also helps with financial projections, analysis and assumptions. Finally, AccountingHub.ng also assists businesses with filing their taxes.

You can listen to the full interview with Chioma Ifeanyi-Eze here or download it here. Do let us know what you think in the comments.


Nerve Mobile Is Building Africa’s First Unified Digital Content Distribution Platform

Nerve Mobile is a two-year old technology company offering Africans access to locally-relevant digital content. Its unified content distribution platform NerveFlo provides African content creators a one stop shop to sell a variety of content. These include audio, video & text materials. The content will be available for purchase in over 20 countries. The startup won the DEMO Africa 2014 title.

Silas Okwoche, a Co-founder at Nerve Mobile spoke with Faith History on Episode 105 of the Everything Digital Radio Show. You can listen to the full interview here.


A Bit Of Background On Nerve Mobile

Silas Okwoche started the company with his team sometime after earning a Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering. Although he initially hoped to work in Nigeria’s Oil & Gas sector, he later changed his mind as his love for technology continued to grow. Before founding Nerve Mobile, Silas did some freelance work and also worked with an Oracle partner in Nigeria.

The startup first launched with its own brand of smartphones as a way for Africans to access digital content. There were hardly any major smartphones brands around at the time. Subsequently, the startup decided to focus on building its digital content marketplace. This was because it didn’t make much sense to be involved in the hardware business anymore as more smartphones flooded the market.


The Rationale Behind Starting Nerve Mobile’s Content Platform

Although NerveFlo makes it easier to access a large variety of African content, Silas says there’s more it. NerveFlo is making it easier for content creators to access their primary market which is Africans in Africa. Before the platform launched, local content creators could only sell their content on international platforms which served foreign markets better. The marketplace allows creators sell content to the local audience in their local currency starting with Naira. It appears the startup will be looking to add more currencies in the nearest future.


Nerve Mobile Co-founder, Silas Okwoche
Photo Credit; Africa.co


How To Access And Sell On Nerve Mobile’s Content MarketPlace

You can access the platform via the website www.nerveflo.com on your desktop and mobile device. There is also an Android app available in the Google Play store. You can buy any content you want on the website or via the Android app.

Consumers can access digital content such as books, comics, short films, music, magazines, movies and a number of others. These could be free or premium content depending on the price the creator pegs it at. Prices range from 30 Naira to 1,000 Naira or higher.

Sellers can upload their content to the platform via the website by simply clicking “Become A Seller” on the top right corner of the home page. Furthermore, sellers can upload their content in 60 seconds and can choose to earn either in Naira or USD. Earnings from their content is delivered directly to them in real time. Presently, eighty percent of sellers on the platform are on the continent while the remaining twenty percent includes Africans in diaspora.


Nerve Mobile And The Upcoming Imbube African Book Festival

The organization is hosting an event named the Imbube African Book Festival to put a spotlight on writers and their work. This is based on a belief that literature should be the baseline for culture. In other words great content should come out of great books. The objective of the event is to celebrate Africans on the continent telling stories about Africa. Imbube is the Zulu word for Lion.

The event is inspired by the following quote from Chinua Achebe “Until the lions have their own historians, the history of the hunt will always glorify the hunter… Once I realized that, I had to be a writer. It’s not one man’s job. But it is something we have to do, so that the story of the hunt will also reflect the agony, the travail — the bravery, even, of the lions.”.

According to Silas Okwoche, digital is the future of book publishing. He believes in the nearest future, more people will access books in their digital formats instead of print. Mark Coker, Founder of the world’s largest indie book distributorseems to agree. The event will bring writers, publishers, booksellers and literature enthusiasts together to discuss the future of publishing. There will also be discussions to help writers become better book sellers and how their books can go on to shape culture. You can find more about the event here and register to attend here.


Tell us what your think in the comments! Don’t forget to listen to the full interview here.

WaraCake Has Simplified Cake Ordering For Everyone

Cakes; we all  love them! If you don’t love them, you sometimes need them. WaraCake has simplified cake ordering for everyone and is helping cake makers get more business. We have titled today’s episode of the show; a mouth watering one.  This is because we are featuring Tunde Ayilara, Founder of WaraCake, an online cakes retail store.


The BackGround Story of WaraCake

The startup started back in Obafemi Awolowo University during his undergraduate days. It started when Tunde and a couple of his friends at University wanted to retail cake during Valentine’s Day. They put posters all over the school to advertise the business and worked with a student baker. Although they didn’t make so much money during the Valentine’s Day gig, they decided they would one day take the business further.

After graduation from University, Tunde and his friends pivoted the cake retailing business into what we now know as WaraCake. WaraCake is a Yoruba word that translates to “Come and buy cake”. The startup joined Passion incubator an accelerator that helped them get started. WaraCake became a cake aggregator after they joined the accelerator. Tunde Ayilara is an alumnus of the Tony Elumelu Entrepreneurship program (TEEP). They leveraged on TEEP to get seed funding and entrepreneurship training.


Cakes For EveryOne, Cakes EveryWhere

According to the Founder, WaraCake has cakes for everybody regardless of their income and budget. They have low-budget, averagely-priced and very expensive ones. The startup offers a delivery only service. Customers can select from over two hundred cake images on their website and also order customized cakes. Additionally, they can request images of the cake they are ordering before it gets delivered to them. The startup offers same day delivery which can take about five hours. Same day delivery majorly applies to their Vanilla and Chocolate cakes.

Roughly twenty-percent of the business’ customers live outside Nigeria. In Nigeria, WaraCake mainly covers Lagos, Abuja, Port-Harcourt and Benin. The business is also trying to get seed funding to expand across Africa. All cakes are sent to their office before they are delivered to customers. The business performs rigorous quality assurance checks on their cake merchants before they join the platform. Did we hear you say, Yum! Yum!?


Some Party and Event Apps You Should Know

Cakes are just one element of your events and parties. Now that you know one place (WaraCake) to order your cakes, we’ll like to tell you some apps that can help you pull off a great event.

  • MyParties is a personal assistant for planning events. It’s free and available on the Play Store. It solves the problems of seating your guests especially if they have different food preferences. It lets you choose a color for the party, add photos, create a menu list and send emails to your guests.
  • Plan-It-Party is free. You can use it when it’s not a big event. It can be used for organizing events with your friends. You can use it to send invites, put together a budget and create a party theme.
  • Party & Event Planner is a good app for organizing small events and personal holidays. You can also use it to organize small corporate parties. You can create a to-do list and make a list of expenses. It also has a built-in function for calculating the exact amount of alcohol you’ll need for your party.

Do let us know of any local party and event apps in the comments section. Remember to listen to Faith History’s interview with WaraCake’s Founder here.


Cover Image: WaraCake.com

EasyAutoReg Will Help You Get Your Vehicle Registration Done Without Stress

Vehicle registration in Nigeria can be a very tedious process. It sometimes involves visiting the office of the government agency several times and parting with some money to some of its officers. EasyAutoReg is looking to make this process easier and faster for every Nigerian. On this episode of the show the Founder; Derin Ifeoluwa spoke with Faith History about his startup.


Introducing EasyAutoReg

EasyAutoReg.com is an online service that helps vehicle owners get their auto registration done. The website is very simple and clean. Users can create an account and add whatever service they want to their shopping cart. Vehicle owners can add any of the following products to their shopping cart:

  1. Road worthiness
  2. Vehicle registration
  3. Auto insurance
  4. Change of ownership
  5. CMR (Police clearance)
  6. Hackney permit

In order to test it out, I added Vehicle Registration to cart and entered Nigeria as country for my shipping information. The next page displayed an error saying they do not ship to Nigeria. This appears to be a bug which the EasyAutoReg will have to look into. Asides that, the website appears easy to use and the Founder promises a quick response to inquiries and complaints.


Here’s Some More Information About The Founder

Derin Ifeoluwa holds in Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. He ventured into vehicle registration offline after his mum introduced it to him. His mum provided an offline vehicle registration service to clients.  He subsequently built a website to bring the service online. This made it easier for prospective clients to access the service. The website happened to be his first as he never built one before. He was excited about building the startup and bringing the service online.

The business is obviously targeted at vehicle owners seeking to get their documentation sorted out. Derin mentioned the following as regarding their competitive edge:

  • The entire process of vehicle registration is easy and straightforward
  • Your documents will reach you in record time
  • Their prices are highly competitive
  • Their response time is very quick. They are very easy to access and you will not have to

Presently, customers would have to get some required documents to EasyAutoReg offline in order to get their registration done. The startup is however working on ensuring that customers can upload these documents online in the nearest future.

A similar service available globally is Carfax. Carfax which allows you do a VIN check, vehicle history check etc. before you purchase a vehicle. RTO India helps Indians check the registration details of a vehicle before buying them.

For more on the Interview with EasyAutoReg, you can listen here. You can also check out the EasyAutoReg website here.

(Image credit: www.EasyAutoReg.com)

Push.ng| Everything Digital NG

Are you tired of doing your deliveries and pick ups yourself? – we thought so too, and that’s why we are excited to be featuring this cool brand. This way you don’t have to deliver to your customers yourself, and still be timely especially in Lagos.  

Push.ng| Everything Digital NG
Push.ng| Everything Digital NG

Have a Listen

As Larry Oti, the founder of Push.ng will be sharing with Faith History about his background as well as 5 cool things you need to know about “push.ng” 

Oncenout.com| Everything Digital NG

Affordable fashion is the new cool and on today’s episode we are featuring a digtal brand who has been around for some time, with us in the studio is Prince Anim the co-founder of Oncenout.com

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Oncenout.com| Everything Digital NG
Oncenout.com| Everything Digital NG

Have a listen as he shares with Faith History about his cool brand, his background and what Once ‘N’ out is about.

You might want to hit the play button to the podcast, if you are looking to free up some space in your closet, donate and of course make some cool bulks on the side from your pre-used items.

Skid.com.ng| Everything Digital NG

Skid.com.ng| Everything Digital NG
Skid.com.ng| Everything Digital NG

This is a digital brand that everyone who has one time searched for furnitures online, in Nigeria can relate to. Listening and discover more cool stuffs about this techn brand and chatting with Faith History is Ebuka Ufondu. He is founder of Skid.com.ng.

Listen in as Ebuka Ufondu shares 5 cool things about Skid.com.ng that you should know about.

Hello! Interior Spaces

Arkounting.com.ng| Everything Digital NG

On today’s episode, we will be discovering a cool digital brand whose main duties are to handle the figures that relates to your business profitability and developing basic business solutions to enable your SME thrive.

Arkounting.com.ng| Everything Digital NG
Arkounting.com.ng| Everything Digital NG

Click here to read about a digital brand that keeps you connected

You should have an idea by now what brand it is. However if you don’t we are talking about the “Arkounting brand” – that’s right – Ark and Accounting…

With us, is Chukwuma Nwanze, he is the founder of Arkounting.com.ng and he chats up Faith History about his background as a Chartered accountant and how he got into tech.

Listen in and discover 5 cool things you need to know about Arkounting.com.ng 

Cocktails and Dresses 2016| Everything Digital NG

Are you thinking about glamour, fashion, event and sparks? Do you love to shop for Made in Africa’s Best? If my guess is yes as yours, then Cocktails and Dresses 2016 by Dressmeoutlet.com is where you should be this December. This event doesn’t only pitch fashion but also Tech, as the movers and shakers of industries will be present.

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Cocktails and Dresses | Everything Digital NG
Cocktails and Dresses | Everything Digital NG

In her recent press release, this event is set to kickoff right here in Lagos Nigeria on December 11, 2016 at Intercontinental Hotel Grand Ballroom, Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria.

That’s right! Lagos is where Africa’s finest fashions designers, Shopaholics, Celebraties and of course individuals with High net worth are gathering this season.

This is the 2nd edition of Cocktails and Dresses and the theme for this year’s meet up is Everything Luxury & Quality Made-In-Africa

Official Host: Omowunmi OnalajaCocktails and Dresses 2016| Everything Digital NG

Save the date! Also, look out for Promotions


[Official Press Release]: Cocktails and Dresses 2016| Everything Digital NG

This week, the Cocktails and Dresses team made an official press release about her classy event coming up in December. This event is aimed at igniting the African fashion industry.

[Press Release]

The much-anticipated Largest Gathering of Made in Africa’s Best will take place at The Intercontinental Hotel, Victoria Island, Lagos on Sunday, December 11th, 2016 with His Excellency, the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria leading the pack of highly distinguished dignitaries expected.

In celebration of the announcement of the 2nd Edition of Cocktails & Dresses, the lead organizer of the event; Dressmeoutlet.com has launched plans to dispatch over 2,000 Made-in-Ethiopia-Africa print tote bags to customers who place orders above N25,000 online on or before Black Friday on November 25th, 2016. Cocktails & Dresses expects to gather over 2,000 attendees of fashion enthusiasts, shoppers, leaders, celebrities and designers for a full-day black-carpet shopping Rave.

Cocktails and Dresses | Everything Digital NG
Cocktails and Dresses | Everything Digital NG

“Cocktails and Dresses champions the revolution of the fashion and beauty industries in Nigeria and Africa. Beyond the entertainment and sales exhibition, Dressmeoutlet.com continues to retail the very best of Made-in-Africa and promote the commercial potentials and economic benefits of the fashion and beauty industries in Africa.” – Olatorera Oniru, CEO of Dressmeoutlet.com

Intercontinental Hotel, Lagos will play host to the Largest Gathering of Made in Africa’s Best featuring a panel discussion with 5 women and 3 men who are key players, idea renegades, tech disruptor and boundary breakers in the retail, manufacturing and technology industries in Africa. The event will also feature 5 top designers on the runway and it will close with an honorary evening honoring up to 100 of Africa’s Best Icons.

Shop Dressmeoutlet.com now and stay tuned for even bigger promotions coming in November and December leading up to the grand event on December 11th, 2016.