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Artyrama Is Working To Make African Art More Easily Accessible To Everyone Across The World

There are a good number of startups focused on Fintech, HealthTech, Edtech etc. One group that is rare to find are those focused on the arts. One of such rare startups is Artyrama. It is a startup that is attempting to revolutionize how people observe and buy African art.

The global online art market continues to grow rapidly. It was worth $3.7 billion in 2016. Furthermore, the figures are expected to grow to about $9.14 billion in 2021. Artyrama is looking to tap into this market. Here’s a good read by Artsy on online global art sales.

Faith History spoke with Lanre Fisher, Director at Artyrama in this interview.


Here Is What You Should Know About Lanre Fisher, Co-founder at Artyrama

Lanre Fisher’s parents were ardent collectors of beautiful art works. Consequently, he fell in love with art as a child. Furthermore, when the Founder began living alone, he started to interact with art on a deeper level. He also runs a business that works with Venture Capitalists and Private Equity firms looking to do business in Africa.

Lanre Fisher has a degree in Media and Communications. He has worked for a global publishing company in the past. He also worked in A&R (Artists & repertoire) for a global record company. These two roles were at the early stages of his career.


An Overview Of The Objectives Of Artyrama

Artyrama is an online art gallery that allows anyone in any part of the world access original artwork from Africa. The company is based out of Lagos, Nigeria. It has a solid relationships with Nigerian artists. Its vision is pan-African and its market is international. In conclusion, its goal is to make African art easily accessible.

The organization started off as a cultural bridge between Nigerians and those in the diaspora. Additionally, it also set its sights on presenting Nigeria’s cultural heritage to the international community. It hosts online exhibitions and auctions in order to achieve this goal. It sells paintings, photographs and sculptures. The artists who make these artworks are at the center of all Artyrama’s activities. The platform provides them the opportunity to showcase their talent.


There’s Something For Everyone On Artyrama

Artyrama provides free advisory services to people looking to buy art. This includes individuals and corporations looking to adorn their spaces with beautiful art pieces. Furthermore, the startup also helps individuals who are seeking to understand art. It caters to the needs of all art lovers, enthusiasts and buyers. The company can also help individuals identify fake artwork. It can also assist with valuation. In conclusion, it means there’s something for everyone.

In addition to the above, the startup’s goal is to increase awareness for interesting African artists and their work. Furthermore, its website users can find content on “how to frame an art work”. Another topic users can find is “the description of abstract painting” and many more topics. Additionally, as previously stated, the website hosts auctions. This is typically for art pieces from more established artists. The target market are people looking into art from an investment angle.

Check out the website here and listen to the interview with Faith History here. Finally, you can check out our previous episode here and here. Got any thoughts? Let us know in the comments


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Zinox Group: Four Things You Should Know About Konga’s New Owner

News broke last weekend that Zinox Group acquired Nigeria’s E-commerce startup; Konga . Sim Shagaya founded Konga in July 2012. Konga received investments worth millions of dollars from Kinnevik and Naspers. Reports had it that Konga was acquired for about $10 million.


Here are four major things you should know about Zinox:

Zinox Manufactures Laptops, Tablets and Destop Computers

The organization sells made in Nigeria laptops, tablets and desktop computers. It also sells its own inverters. Sizes include 2 KVA, 5 KVA and 10 KVA. Zinox laptops include the following Zinox iPro, Excel Book, Seven Elite and Ultra-book Pro.


Zinox Group’s Founder Is Leonard Stanley Ekeh

Leonard Stanley Ekeh is the Founder of the organization. The sixty-one year old businessman is from Imo State, Nigeria. Furthermore, Leonard holds a bachelor’s degree in Economics. Additionally, he bagged the degree from Punjab University in India. Leonard also completed a post graduate degree from Nottingham University, United Kingdom.

Here is a brief statement from Wikipedia about him:

“In addition to Zinox, he has been involved with companies Task Systems, Technology Distributions Limited, ICT Brokers, TD Plus, ICT Connect and Buyright AFRICA Dotcom. Mr. Ekeh through his company Task Systems Limited was one of the few who pioneered Desktop Publishing and Computer Graphics in Nigeria. He computerized 95% of the Print Media, Publishing Houses and Advertising Agencies in Nigeria. Task Systems Limited, his first company has consistently won outstanding industry Awards as Best Partner Award for Compaq, HP, Microsoft, American Power Solution, APC, etc. for 20 years. Mr. Leo Stan Ekeh also pioneered IT Solutions in West Africa through his company ITEC Solutions Limited through which he has delivered the largest IT Solutions ever, from an indigenous firm, to the Nigerian Corporate Market.”


Zinox Group Offers Additional Services

In addition to its products, the company offers additional services including E-library, Advanced Biometrics etc. It also supplied Nigeria’s Election Body with 80,000 biometric devices according to this article. Other services it also offers are fibre development and connectivity. Additionally, it provides network operation center service.


Zinox Group Is Heavily Involved In Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR)

Here is a statement from the company’s website about its CSR activities:

“Zinox has made strategic interventions aimed at building capacities primarily in the educational sector. Prominent among these donations are the building of digital centers and laboratories in the following institutions:

  • Federal Polytechnic, Nekede, Owerri, Imo State.
  • Federal Polytechnic, Idah.
  • Lagos State Polytechnic, Ikorodu.
  • Imo State University, Owerri etc.”


Image Credit; Wikimedia Commons

Meet Amplify Pay, The Startup Assumedly Called Nigeria’s Number One Recurring Payments Platform

If you are a keen observer of the Nigerian startup scene you will have realized that there’s a large number of fin-tech startups. By our count there are more than twenty of them. One of such startups is Amplify Pay, a startup that has made it easier to collect recurring & subscription-based payments.

Faith History spoke with Segun Adeyemi, one of its Co-founder, in this interview. Keep reading to learn more about the startup.


First, Let’s Meet Segun Adeyemi, Co-founder at Amplify Pay

Segun Adeyemi studied Economics at the University of Lagos where he a built a game called SoccerQuiz.  He built the web game together with a friend. The app was not financially profitable but it was one way to feed his interest in technology. Segun Adeyemi had a passion for technology even though he never studied it at the degree level. He joined the labor market as an intern at a technology company. He also worked as an Investment Banker sometime afterwards.

His foray into the technology was later established when he applied to the Meltwater Entrepreneurial School of Technology (MEST) in Accra, Ghana. His application was successful and he got into the incubator program. He resigned from his employment at the time in order to attend the one year program. During the program at MEST, he learnt a lot of things about Entrepreneurship and was able to test out his ideas. MEST provides everything that Entrepreneurs need to succeed at the initial stage of their journey and beyond. Segun Adeyemi and his Co-founder were able to eventually secure seed funding from MEST. Another startup that has benefited from MEST is Oncenout. Check out its interview with Faith History here.


What Exactly Does Amplify Pay Do?

Segun Adeyemi and his team started working on the idea sometimes towards the end of 2015. Amplify Pay was officially launched in Nigeria in June 2016.  Amplify Pay helps businesses collect and manage their online payments. The startup focuses on recurring and subscription-based payments. Mr. Adeyemi considers his platform the most effective way to accept recurring payments in Nigeria as at today. His startup consults and works with micro-finance banks and online lenders. They help these firms think through their automation and digital strategy. Amplify Pay assists some of them in automating disbursements.

‘Amplify Payment Forms’ helps small businesses and startups accept electronic payments in less than five minutes. Users can simply login to the platform and generate payments links. Afterwards, they may share this link with their customers. Customers can buy and make payments for goods and services using the link.

Don’t forget to listen to the full interview here. Check out our previous episode here and here. We would like to hear from you in the comments.

Medsaf Is Making It Way Easier To Procure Genuine Drugs In Nigeria

Fake drugs are a major killer in developing countries like Nigeria. The peddlers looking to make quick money sell substandard drugs to individuals. Medsaf is working to make this a thing of the past.

Faith History spoke with two of the startup’s Founders, Vivian Nwakah and Temitope Awosika, in this interview.


Medsaf: Meet The Founders

Vivian Nwakah one of the Co-founders was born in Chicago in the United States of America (USA) and attended the University of Illinois. She then proceeded to Georgia State for Business School and also went to The Federal University of Rio in Brazil. Vivian first came to Nigeria as an Intern and has remained in the country to build Medsaf. She was impacted by Nigerian healthcare industry and the opportunities that were in it. She currently holds the CEO title at Medsaf.

Temitope Awosika on the other hand is the Chief Pharmacist of Medsaf. She attended schools in Nigeria and the United Kingdom. She returned about two years ago to found Medsaf. Her work experience before the startup including service at a Community Pharmacy and Hospitals in the United Kingdom. When she returned to Nigeria, she worked at an hospital where she discovered how chaotic it was to buy drugs. There was a situation where she was unable to access a particular drug for a patient suffering respiratory depression.


Medsaf: Here’s Why Its Work Is Critical

Medsaf’s motto is “quality and safe medication is a fundamental human right”. The startup uses technology to make the procurement of drugs more efficient. Its platform aggregates multinational and local drug manufacturers. It also aggregates hospitals, clinics and pharmacies. The startup then connects connects both groups. It helps drug buyers avoid the current tedious process of purchasing quality medication. It helps buyers save time and money. The startup is a B2B company it therefore doesn’t cater to end consumers. Its work however directly impacts end consumers. It literally saves lives as it allows them get the drugs they need. The startup also protects them from the danger of fake drugs.

The startup is already in the process of launching in other countries asides Nigeria. They have also received calls to launch in the United States of America. Buyers in the USA are seeking a more transparent process of procuring drugs. It is quite tough to find cost effective medication in the USA. Vivian believes if Medsaf can work in the Nigeria then they can adapt it to any other location.

You can take a lot at their website here. Don’t forget to listen to the full interview here. You can also check out our previous episode here and here. Let us know what you think in the comments.

Iyali Foods Will Deliver Fresh Farm Food To Your Doorstep

Nigeria is rich in arable land and agricultural produce. Its citizens should have no business going hungry. The challenges as experts have identified include food distribution and storage. Iyali Foods is a startup that is looking to take on this problem. It wants to ensure Food Security in Nigeria.

Faith History interviewed its Founder; Seyi Albert on this episode of the Everything Digital Radio Show.


Iyali Foods: A Little Bit About Its Founder Seyi Albert

Seyi Albert is the Founder at Iyali Foods. Seyi considers himself a techie and a foodie. The founder worked five years in the digital media space before launching Iyali Foods. He was also the Social Media Lead for the Buhari Campaign. He first got the idea for Iyali Foods in 2013. Seyi experimented with the idea under a different name before he launched it fully about a year ago. His grandparents were farmers and his Dad used to do the grocery shopping unlike most African homes. Seyi’s paternal grandmother owned a restaurant which probably explains why his Dad did the grocery shopping.


Iyali Foods: Making Farm Fresh Food Accessible

Iyali is an Hausa word which means family.  The startup’s goal is to make affordable food easily accessible. It takes off the stress of going to the market to do your grocery shopping. At the initial stage, clients could send their grocery shopping list via Whatsapp. The list would specify the quantity and sizes of the grocery items. The startup founder would then proceed to issue them an electronic invoice. After payment is finalized, delivery of the items will take place. The prices for the groceries are affordable. They are the same as you would get at your farmer’s market.

The food items Iyali Foods delivers ranges from vegetables to vegetable oil. The startup has access to variants of popular food items Nigerians consume. They have access to about four types of cabbages, lettuces etc. The food categories available on Iyali Foods include; Fruits, Tuber, Vegetables, Grain, Pepper, Herbs, Meat & Fish.


Iyali Foods: Ensuring Optimum Food Security In Nigeria

Iyali Foods helps farmers prevent food wastage due to logistical challenges. The startup has built a logistical network that delivers to its clients on time. It is able to source farm produce from farmers & related partners who are far from its end consumers. Many of whom are based in Lagos State. It sources from partners in Jos, Plateau State and other parts of Nigeria.

Iyali Foods delivers to clients in the following service areas in Lagos:

  • Lekki
  • Victoria Island
  • Ikoyi
  • VGC
  • Abraham Adesanya
  • Banana Island

You can try out the platform here. Do not forget to listen to the full interview here. Finally check out our previous episode here and here. Please let us know what you think in the comments.

Eventions: Buy Gifts Anywhere In The World And Get Them Delivered In Nigeria

One of the things that make the holiday season exciting are gifts! From the surprise you meet when unwrapping the gifts to the joy of owning something brand new, these things make the holiday season special. One of the challenges about buying gifts are ideas; what to get. Another one is the stress of looking for the items. What if you could find all the answers you need in one place? Eventions wants to be your one stop shop for ordering gifts.

The startup is an online gift solution for anyone around the world to find gifts, buy gifts and have them customized, packaged and delivered in Nigeria. Faith History interviewed Lami Attah the Founder to find out more about the startup. Take a listen here.


Eventions: A Brief Profile Of The Founder; Lami Attah

Lami Attah has a Mathematics and Computer Science background. She fell in love in technology through computer games and similar gadgets. Lami Attah liked the idea of building computer programs. She studied at the Federal University of Technology, Niger State, Nigeria. Her undergraduate thesis was in E-commerce at a time when the field was non-existent in the country.

In 2014, Lami Attah launched Eventions.ng, an online gifting solution focused on delivering orders in Nigeria. This was more than 7 years after she studied the field. The Nigerian E-commerce industry has since come of age in the past few years with pace setters like Konga, Jumia, DealDey etc.


Here Are The Gift Items You Can Find On Eventions

The platform currently has a wide range of gift items. Anyone who design gifts or has a gifting business can also sell on Eventions. Buyers can send Made In Nigeria gifts to friends or loved ones abroad. Nigerians in Diaspora can also send gifts to their relatives in Nigeria. As an example, the startup has delivered flowers to a person in Ondo State, Nigeria. This was done in less than 6 hours.

Gift items include food, hampers, pens, mugs etc. The startup has also helped clients mend their relationships. Its most popular gift item in the last 6 months has been a pair of socks. The socks is called the “mumu button” (soft spot in Nigerian lingo) socks. They have been highly patronized by Nigerian women. The socks are gifted to men by these women. Another bestseller on Eventions.ng is its football team mugs. Buyers can have their names and football teams or those of their loved ones printed on them.


Some Special Features Of The Eventions Platform

Buyers can find gifts for as low as 1,500 Naira on Eventions.ng. There are gifts for people of all ages and social status. Eighty percent of Eventions’ clients are women. The startup has also realized that many of its buyers shop from their mobile devices. Its mobile app will be available for use soonest.

Buyers can build a hamper on the platform. Another feature available is customization. Users can customize gifts on the website. They can add names, photographs etc. Clients can also save special dates (like birthdays etc). on the platform. This implies you can buy gift items in advance for your loved one. Saving the date ensures you do not forget to get them a gift.


Do try out the Eventions.ng platform and tell us what you think in the comments. You can also find the startup on Twitter and Instagram. Listen to the full interview here. Also check out our last episode here and here.


Drinks.ng Wants To Deliver Your Liquor Orders To You At Anytime Of The Day

If you live in any part of Nigeria, there are typically two ways to get beverages (these include alcoholic & non-alcoholic). You either walk into a store to pick them up or call a vendor.  Drinks.ng is making this process easier for everyone. The four-year-old drinks ordering platform will deliver at any time on Lagos Island, Nigeria. It currently runs a 24-hour service in Africa’s most valuable startup ecosystem.

Faith History had a chat with LanreAkinlagun on Episode 107 of the Everything Digital Radio show. Listen to the interview here.


Drinks.ng: A Brief Profile Of The Founder

LanreAkinlagun studied Marketing & Mass Communication at the London Metropolitan University. He fell in love with technology during his time at University. He got his first job after University at Universal Pictures. As part of his portfolio, he had the task of understanding the digital space and its implications for traditional business models.This task was the start of his journey in the digital marketing space. He later moved to join Vizeum, a digital marketing agency.

Although he is not a developer, Lanre considers himself as a techie from a digital marketing point of view. He has spent the past 12-13 years in the digital marketing space.


Drinks.ng: Here’s How It All Started

He first got the idea to start Drinks.ng when he was asked to purchase drinks for a wedding. Lanre was frustrated as there was no single place to get all the drinks he needed. He was advised to either go to the open market or call ‘a certain guy’.  According to Lanre, everyone had a certain guy you could call. He started Drinks.ng to make it easier for consumers to get the drinks they want in any quantity. The startup’s goal is to help consumers get authentic drinks at competitive prices.


“Our Beverages At Drinks.ng Are Authentic” – Lanre Akinlagun

Consumers ordering from the platform should be rest assured of the authenticity of the beverages. Drinks.ng works directly with all the manufacturers of the major brands.  They include MOET Hennessy, PernodRicard, Diageo etc.According to Lanre, the startup has a solid relationship with all of the major manufacturers. One proof of the solid relationship is the fact that some of them have taken the Founder on trips across the world. For example, Lanre has visited the Champagne and Cognac regions in France courtesy some of the manufacturers.

Additionally, the startup has great deals from time to time. For example, if a consumer orders two bottles of MOET, they could get two bottles of mini MOET. The startup also gives out goody bags when they get invited for interviews.



“Drinks.ng Has Got Footprints Across Nigeria” – LanreAkinlagun

The organization currently deliversdrinks to 24 states across Nigeria. Keep in mind that there are 36 states in Nigeria. Consumers outside Lagos can order as little as one bottle. Drinks.ng has an office in Lagos and Abuja in Nigeria. The startup is also opening its Port Harcourt (the capital of Rivers State, Nigeria) office soonest.Drinks.ng also delivers beverages to events, clubs, etc. at any hour of the day on Lagos Island. The organization will get drinks to any part of Eastern Nigeria within 48 – 72 hours. It plans to be present across the whole of West Africa in the next 3 – 5 years.

According to LanreAkinlagun, there are typically three major reasons why people outside Lagos order drinks from them. First, their local vendor’s prices are slightly higher than Drinks.ng. Secondly, they are unable to get those drinks in their region. Finally, they have had a bad experience with their local vendor in the past.

Drinks.ng currently has a magazine called ‘Spirit’. The magazine features brand ambassadors from the beverage industry. It also contains informational and educative pieces about the beverage/liquor industry. There is also a catalogue of all the products you can get in Nigeria and where to get them.

Tell us what you think about this startup in the comments. Don’t forget to listen to the full interview here. Check out last week’s startup here and here. Also try out Drinks.ng here.

AccountingHub.ng Is Demystifying Book-keeping For Startups And Small Businesses

Chioma Ifeanyi-Eze founded AccountingHub.ng after she spent eleven years working as an Accountant in different organizations. She received several invitations from friends to help set-up accounting systems for businesses from ground up. Chioma finally decided to set-up shop to help startups get their numbers right. Her startup now provides professional and affordable accounting services to startups and small businesses.

She spoke with Faith History in this interview about her journey as an entrepreneur and her startup. The Founder considers herself an accountant and a techie. This dual personality (if you will) is what has culminated into AccountingHub.ng.


AccountingHub.ng: The Founder’s Entrepreneurial Journey

Chioma Ifeanyi-Eze recalls that she has always loved numbers from a young age. She fell in love with maths right from her primary school years. Her Dad was an Engineer who spent time teaching mathematics. Chioma later went on to get a Bachelor’s and Masters degree in Accounting.

After her education, she landed a job with PricewaterhouseCoopers one of the big four accounting firms. After some time, she moved around several industries including banking, investment, aviation, logistics, just to mention a few. She spent eleven years in the accounting functions of about nine different organizations. Chioma got her ‘aha moment’ during those years when she found out that accounting systems and processes were non-existent in many businesses. Passion meets opportunity? Yes please!


AccountingHub.ng: Passion Meets Opportunity On A Scale

The startup was founded out of her goal to scale her work of establishing accounting systems and functions in several organizations. Setting up AccountingHub.ng consequently enabled Chioma leap from helping eight businesses to working with hundreds of businesses. It essentially gave her more time to solve the accounting problems of several organizations.

The startup focuses on helping several businesses with book-keeping and accounting systems. It helps them get credible numbers without having to chase down an accountant. The startup also ensures proper accounting processes are in place in every business it engages. Many times wrong numbers or losses are a result of failed processes. Where they don’t exist, there is consequently bound to be confusion or like we say in Nigerian lingo, “mago-mago” or better still “wuru-wuru”.


Now Business Owners Can Take Their Accountant Everywhere They Go

No, we don’t mean an actual person. AccountingHub.ng provides cloud accounting services which implies that you can keep tabs on your numbers wherever you are. Startup founders and business owners can track inventory, sales etc. on the go without a need to call an accountant every second. The startup is a Certified Sage One Adviser. Sage One is an cloud accounting system which satisfies the book-keeping needs small businesses may have. AccountingHub.ng also works with other accounting systems, find a full list here.

Chioma and her team also automate accounting processes for startups so they always get their numbers right. Additionally, the startup provides training to in-house accountants. Furthermore, startups can get a free consultation from AccountingHub.ng. Organizations can also purchase services from its online shop. The startup also helps with financial projections, analysis and assumptions. Finally, AccountingHub.ng also assists businesses with filing their taxes.

You can listen to the full interview with Chioma Ifeanyi-Eze here or download it here. Do let us know what you think in the comments.


Nerve Mobile Is Building Africa’s First Unified Digital Content Distribution Platform

Nerve Mobile is a two-year old technology company offering Africans access to locally-relevant digital content. Its unified content distribution platform NerveFlo provides African content creators a one stop shop to sell a variety of content. These include audio, video & text materials. The content will be available for purchase in over 20 countries. The startup won the DEMO Africa 2014 title.

Silas Okwoche, a Co-founder at Nerve Mobile spoke with Faith History on Episode 105 of the Everything Digital Radio Show. You can listen to the full interview here.


A Bit Of Background On Nerve Mobile

Silas Okwoche started the company with his team sometime after earning a Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering. Although he initially hoped to work in Nigeria’s Oil & Gas sector, he later changed his mind as his love for technology continued to grow. Before founding Nerve Mobile, Silas did some freelance work and also worked with an Oracle partner in Nigeria.

The startup first launched with its own brand of smartphones as a way for Africans to access digital content. There were hardly any major smartphones brands around at the time. Subsequently, the startup decided to focus on building its digital content marketplace. This was because it didn’t make much sense to be involved in the hardware business anymore as more smartphones flooded the market.


The Rationale Behind Starting Nerve Mobile’s Content Platform

Although NerveFlo makes it easier to access a large variety of African content, Silas says there’s more it. NerveFlo is making it easier for content creators to access their primary market which is Africans in Africa. Before the platform launched, local content creators could only sell their content on international platforms which served foreign markets better. The marketplace allows creators sell content to the local audience in their local currency starting with Naira. It appears the startup will be looking to add more currencies in the nearest future.


Nerve Mobile Co-founder, Silas Okwoche
Photo Credit; Africa.co


How To Access And Sell On Nerve Mobile’s Content MarketPlace

You can access the platform via the website www.nerveflo.com on your desktop and mobile device. There is also an Android app available in the Google Play store. You can buy any content you want on the website or via the Android app.

Consumers can access digital content such as books, comics, short films, music, magazines, movies and a number of others. These could be free or premium content depending on the price the creator pegs it at. Prices range from 30 Naira to 1,000 Naira or higher.

Sellers can upload their content to the platform via the website by simply clicking “Become A Seller” on the top right corner of the home page. Furthermore, sellers can upload their content in 60 seconds and can choose to earn either in Naira or USD. Earnings from their content is delivered directly to them in real time. Presently, eighty percent of sellers on the platform are on the continent while the remaining twenty percent includes Africans in diaspora.


Nerve Mobile And The Upcoming Imbube African Book Festival

The organization is hosting an event named the Imbube African Book Festival to put a spotlight on writers and their work. This is based on a belief that literature should be the baseline for culture. In other words great content should come out of great books. The objective of the event is to celebrate Africans on the continent telling stories about Africa. Imbube is the Zulu word for Lion.

The event is inspired by the following quote from Chinua Achebe “Until the lions have their own historians, the history of the hunt will always glorify the hunter… Once I realized that, I had to be a writer. It’s not one man’s job. But it is something we have to do, so that the story of the hunt will also reflect the agony, the travail — the bravery, even, of the lions.”.

According to Silas Okwoche, digital is the future of book publishing. He believes in the nearest future, more people will access books in their digital formats instead of print. Mark Coker, Founder of the world’s largest indie book distributorseems to agree. The event will bring writers, publishers, booksellers and literature enthusiasts together to discuss the future of publishing. There will also be discussions to help writers become better book sellers and how their books can go on to shape culture. You can find more about the event here and register to attend here.


Tell us what your think in the comments! Don’t forget to listen to the full interview here.

WaraCake Has Simplified Cake Ordering For Everyone

Cakes; we all  love them! If you don’t love them, you sometimes need them. WaraCake has simplified cake ordering for everyone and is helping cake makers get more business. We have titled today’s episode of the show; a mouth watering one.  This is because we are featuring Tunde Ayilara, Founder of WaraCake, an online cakes retail store.


The BackGround Story of WaraCake

The startup started back in Obafemi Awolowo University during his undergraduate days. It started when Tunde and a couple of his friends at University wanted to retail cake during Valentine’s Day. They put posters all over the school to advertise the business and worked with a student baker. Although they didn’t make so much money during the Valentine’s Day gig, they decided they would one day take the business further.

After graduation from University, Tunde and his friends pivoted the cake retailing business into what we now know as WaraCake. WaraCake is a Yoruba word that translates to “Come and buy cake”. The startup joined Passion incubator an accelerator that helped them get started. WaraCake became a cake aggregator after they joined the accelerator. Tunde Ayilara is an alumnus of the Tony Elumelu Entrepreneurship program (TEEP). They leveraged on TEEP to get seed funding and entrepreneurship training.


Cakes For EveryOne, Cakes EveryWhere

According to the Founder, WaraCake has cakes for everybody regardless of their income and budget. They have low-budget, averagely-priced and very expensive ones. The startup offers a delivery only service. Customers can select from over two hundred cake images on their website and also order customized cakes. Additionally, they can request images of the cake they are ordering before it gets delivered to them. The startup offers same day delivery which can take about five hours. Same day delivery majorly applies to their Vanilla and Chocolate cakes.

Roughly twenty-percent of the business’ customers live outside Nigeria. In Nigeria, WaraCake mainly covers Lagos, Abuja, Port-Harcourt and Benin. The business is also trying to get seed funding to expand across Africa. All cakes are sent to their office before they are delivered to customers. The business performs rigorous quality assurance checks on their cake merchants before they join the platform. Did we hear you say, Yum! Yum!?


Some Party and Event Apps You Should Know

Cakes are just one element of your events and parties. Now that you know one place (WaraCake) to order your cakes, we’ll like to tell you some apps that can help you pull off a great event.

  • MyParties is a personal assistant for planning events. It’s free and available on the Play Store. It solves the problems of seating your guests especially if they have different food preferences. It lets you choose a color for the party, add photos, create a menu list and send emails to your guests.
  • Plan-It-Party is free. You can use it when it’s not a big event. It can be used for organizing events with your friends. You can use it to send invites, put together a budget and create a party theme.
  • Party & Event Planner is a good app for organizing small events and personal holidays. You can also use it to organize small corporate parties. You can create a to-do list and make a list of expenses. It also has a built-in function for calculating the exact amount of alcohol you’ll need for your party.

Do let us know of any local party and event apps in the comments section. Remember to listen to Faith History’s interview with WaraCake’s Founder here.


Cover Image: WaraCake.com