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Four Female-Founded Startups In Nigeria Focused On Women That You Should Know

Remember the popular Beyonce anthem about women running the world? This is a good time to cue it in. Women indeed run the world! There are quite a number of female-founded startups in Nigeria. Some of them include LifeBank by Temie Giwa-Tunbosun, Beavly by Ijeoma Oguegbu, Wecyclers by Bilikiss Adebiyi etc. There are however a number of them who are not only female-founded but whose products and services are focused on women. Essentially, they serve the women market. The Harvard Business Review described Women as the largest emerging market in 2010.

So straightaway let’s dive into our list.


#1 – Female-founded Startups In Nigeria Focused On Women

SheSecures is trying to get more women into cyber-security

SheSecures is one of the female-founded startups in Nigeria focused on women. Its objective is to get more women into cyber-security. Additionally, it operates on the premise that women are under-represented in the cyber-security field. The premise is accurate. In the US, for example, only 14% of the cyber-security workforce are women.

SheSecures is the brainchild of Lillian Douglas and Sophina Kio-Lawson. It is a community-based startup. It is an offline and online community for women professionals and enthusiasts in cyber security. The startup creates awareness regarding cyber-security. It also mentors and guides girls to take up a career in cyber security. Additionally, it connects women professionals in cyber security with young female mentees. Furthermore, the startups is aiming at contributing to increase in the number of women who have a career in cyber security.


#2 – Female-founded Startups In Nigeria Focused On Women

Mamalette is improving health outcomes for pregnant women & new mothers

Anike Lawal founded Mamalette. Additionally, the startup primarily serves women. Furthermore, just like SheSecures it is also a community-based startup. Mamalette trains experienced mothers who work as health champions in various neighborhoods. These women then share the maternal and infant health information with women in their community. This information is critical and life-saving for pregnant and new mothers. The startup prioritizes poor and vulnerable women.


#3 – Female-founded Startups In Nigeria Focused On Women

SheLeadsAfrica is helping women succeed professionally

Afua Osei and Yasmin Belo-Osagie are the founders of SheLeadsAfrica. Additionally, it is “a community that helps young African women achieve their professional dreams”. Furthermore, the startup achieves this by providing them the tools, advice and network they need to achieve this. It creates engaging online content which can help women become better leaders. It also organizes pan-African events that can help them meet role-models and outstanding women achievers.


#4 – Female-founded Startups In Nigeria Focused On Women

Tress provides women of color to share & discover beautiful hairstyles

Cassandra Sarfo, Esther Olatunde and Priscilla Hazel are the founders of Tress. Esther Olatunde is Nigerian while the others are not. The startup was included on the list because of the Nigerian Co-founder. At the soul of Tress is a passionate community of women of color from around the world. They share their hairstyles with one another. Users can also see detailed info such as the exact hair products used, how much it cost, and the salon’s location.


Got any thoughts? Let us know in the comments.


Cover image credit; Wikipedia

She Leads Africa: Three Takeaways From Faith History’s Interview With Afua Osei

She Leads Africa is an organization that helps young African women succeed professionally. It does this through engaging online content and Africa-wide events. Afua Osei is a Co-founder at the organization which continues to offer women in its community tools, tips and the advice they need to achieve their dreams.

Faith History spoke with Afua Osei in this interview about a year. We have compiled a list of three takeaways that will benefit businesses and even individuals.


#1 – The Organization Grew Out Of Afua Osei’s Desire To Share Her Skills With Other Women

She Leads Africa came to be when Afua Osei sought a way to share her skills with other women. She wanted to share the skills and lessons she learnt as a Political & Strategy Consultant with other women seeking to get ahead. Furthermore, some of the skills she was looking to share were honed in business school. The result of her desire is a pan-African organization that is helping women lead more successful careers and businesses.

Identifying and monetizing one’s passion or talent is one way to get started as an entrepreneur. By simply connecting with people who need your skills, you can begin the journey of building a sustainable business.


#2 – She Leads Africa Shares Advice From People In Its Network & Community

The startup shares advice, expertise and very useful tips with women seeking to get ahead. The advice and tips come from women within Afua Osei’s network and the She Leads Africa community.

One of the most powerful skills in business is networking. There is a popular saying  that goes thus “your network determines your networth”. Entrepreneurs who have learnt to build a network of supportive people are usually very successful. However, it is one thing to build a network, it’s another thing to learn to tap into it in a win-win manner.


#3 – It Leverages The Power Of Digital To Reach More People

She Leads Africa as at 2016 was reaching women in about 25 countries. They achieved this by leveraging the power of technology and the internet. Its digital events enabled it reach women in locations where it wasn’t physically present.

The internet and technology in general provide a plethora of opportunities. It can help businesses amplify their impact and reach. Additionally it makes it possible to carry out tasks in a timely and efficient manner.


Everything You Should Know About #EatDrinkFestival 4 by Eat Drink Lagos

#EatDrinkFestival 4 is here! It’s okay if you don’t know what it is. This post is an attempt to tell you all you need to know about the event. You may as well call it ” #EatDrinkFestival for Dummies “. (And no, you are not a dummy).

So let’s get started shall we?


What Exactly Is #EatDrinkFestival ?

#EatDrinkFestival is an annual gathering of foodies & drinkees (lol, is that even a thing?) in Nigeria. It is put together by Eat Drink Lagos, its vendors and partners. Stanbic IBTC is the title sponsor for the event. For this year, the Every Digital Radio Show is a media partner. This is the fourth edition of the festival.

Prefer a more formal explanation? Here’s one from the organizers:

EatDrinkFestival is a food and drink festival organized by EatDrinkLagos, Lagos’ premier food and drink guide.It is Nigeria’s leading celebration of food and drink.


#EatDrinkFestival 4: What Will Happen At The Event?

Attendees will sample food and drink for free. There will also be food and drink for sale. Food and Drink vendors from across Lagos (& Nigeria) will provide these items. Additionally, Taxify will entertain attendees at the event with tailgate games. Taxify is one of the event sponsors.

There will be a  main stage at the event. The stage is tagged;  Maggi Main Stage. It will play host to a series of culinary attractions at the Festival. There will be cooking battles from famed Nigerian cooking personalities. They include Chef Jeff , Chef Benedict , Chef Imoteda, Kitchen Butterfly, and Dobby’s Kitchen.  The festival main stage will also host bar battles from the competition’s participants. It will be hosted by the organizers of The Bartender. Stanbic IBTC will also have a tent at the event. Only account holders can eat & drink for free in the bank’s tent.


#EatDrinkFestival 4: Who Are The Food Vendors To Expect

There are about 50 food and drink vendors. Some of them include The Fish Lady, Majik Juice, Hothobs, Toasties, Legacy Grill and Shawarma, Wings’n’Sides, Thai Thai and Buka2go. Others include Nasco Grills, Captain Licious, Chef Benedict, Urban Fuxion, Vanilla Bakehouse, and SMIGZ Mobile Bar. There are still many more. Here is a list of the vendors with their menu list. Food selections will include Nigerian food, Mexican, Thai, American & Nigerian BBQ, and other specialty food.

#EatDrinkFestival is proudly sponsored by Stanbic IBTC, Maggi, Nescafé, American Honey, Skyy Vodka and Taxify. Others include Bella Naija, Culture Custodian, Nothing to Do in Lagos, Konbini, Everything Digital etc. Find a full list of the event sponsors & partners here.


#EatDrink Festival 4: Where & When Will The Event Hold & How Do I Get There?

The event will hold on December 26th between 12pm – 8pm. It will take place at the Dorchester, Water Corporation Road, Victoria Island, Lagos. Attendees can come along with their kids and there’s parking available.

Taxify (we mentioned them earlier) will be providing discounted rides to the event. Otherwise you can decide to drive or use other means of public transportation. The event is free to attend and you can register here.


Eat Drink Lagos & the Eat.Drink.Bot

Eat Drink Lagos is arguably Lagos’ premier Food and Drink online guide. Nosakhare Oyegun & Folayemi Agusto are the curators of the guide. They simply visit different places in Lagos, eat their food, and write about it.

You should check out the Eat.Drink.Bot, I tried out. It was fun to use although I wished it could answer more questions 🙂 .

See images below:

Eat.Drink.Bot: Image 1


Image 2: Eat.Drink.Bot


Eat.Drink.Bot: Image 3


Got other questions about the festival? Check this link or this one. Tell us what you think in the comments. Hoping to see you at the festival.

Tech Events In Lagos, December 2017: Events You Should Plan To Attend In The Coming Weeks

Welcome to a brand new month. The last one for the year 2017. If you found our previous edition of Tech Events In Lagos helpful, this will not be an exception. Take a dive into our list of Tech Events In Lagos, December 2017 edition below.


Tech Events In Lagos, December 2017: MEST Lagos Tech Conversations

This event is themed “How Cryptocurrency can enable Africa’s Entrepreneurs”.  The MEST Africa Incubator in Lagos is the organizer of this event. It is a paid event and will hold on December 6. It is the first in the series of events. Moderators at the event include the following:

  • Sam Uduma (Supergeeks)
  • Timi Ajiboye (Bitkoin Africa)
  • Nena Nwachukwu (BitPesa)
  • Lexi Novitske (Singularity Investments)

You can get a ticket and register for the event here.


Tech Events In Lagos, December 2017: The Nigeria Mobile Economy Summit and Expo

The event will hold at the Oriental Hotel in Lagos by 8am on December 7. It will gather players in the mobile ecosystem in Nigeria. They will discuss the opportunities that mobile phones have presented in addressing the Nation’s economic and social problems. The organizer is Center For Cyber Awareness and Development – CECAD. Click this URL to learn more.


Tech Events In Lagos, December 2017: Joomla!Day

This event is an opportunity for Joomla web-developers, experts and newbies. The event will hold on December 9 by 12:00PM. The organizer is Bincom ICT solutions. Register for the event here.


Tech Events In Lagos, December 2017: Annual Customer Conference 2017 by Gemalto & WiniGroup

This event will hold on December 7 and is themed “Enterprise Data Protection and Secure Digital Payment Solutions”. It starts at 8:00am and will take place at the Eko Hotel. Learn more and register for the event here.


Tech Events In Lagos, December 2017: Ethereum Meetup Lagos by ConsenSys

This event will hold on December 14 by 5:00PM. It will take place at the Co-creation Hub. It will be a night of learning about Ethereum, networking, drinks and light refreshment. Learn more about the event here and register using this URL.


Tech Events In Lagos, December 2017: Kotlin Beyond Android

This event holds on December 16 by 10:00AM. It will take place at 13A, Isaac John, Ikeja GRA, Lagos. The goal of the event is to show developers and non-developers alike, how else they could use Kotlin outside Android development. The organizer of the event is the Kotlin Nigeria User Group on Meetup.com. More details about the event here.


Tech Events In Lagos, December 2017: Scala Meetup VIII

The event will take place on December 23. It will begin by 12:30PM and will hold at the Hotels.ng office. Participants will look at how Scala implicits can be used for adhoc polymorphism in Scala. You can RSVP the event on Meetup.


Featured Image; NIMES on Eventbrite

Tech Events In Lagos, November 2017: Events You Should Plan To Attend In The Coming Weeks

Are you looking to network and consequently take your business to the next level? Here is our list of Tech Events in Lagos, November 2017. You should definitely plan to attend these events. Just like the October edition, we have compiled these from major event platforms. Do ensure you also check back for the December edition.


Tech Events In Lagos, November 2017: Africa As A Platform

This is a tech conference that celebrates innovators across Africa that are using technology to confront the continent’s daring economic challenges. The organizers of this event are Q21 Solutions Limited and ADE Digital Media Limited. The theme of the conference is “Millennials, Machines and Money”. There will be panel discussions and also a chance for startups to receive seed funding. Learn more about the event and register here.


Tech Events In Lagos, November 2017: High Growth Africa Summit 2017

This is a two-day conference that teaches entrepreneurs how to build, scale and fund high growth businesses in Africa. Starta and Ingressive are the organizers of the event. The event will take  place on November 21 by 8:30am and November 22 by 9:00pm. It will feature speakers from the tech ecosystem and beyond. They include the following:

  • Oluyomi Ojo, Printivo
  • Yele Badamosi, Microtraction
  • Iyin Aboyeji, Flutterwave
  • Bankole Olufemi, Big Cabal Media
  • Lexi Novitske, Singularity Investment
  • and a host of others

The event is a PAID event. You can read more about the event and register here.

Tech Events In Lagos, November 2017: West Africa Convergence Conference 2017

This will hold on November 29, 2017. The organizer of the event is Knowhow Media and Market Intelligence International Ltd. The organizer is an ICT, research and media company. The event will hold at the Sheraton Hotel in Ikeja between 8:00am to 4:00pm. The major theme of the event is “The Future of Work”.  The event will highlight how work-spaces are changing and new careers born as a result of new technologies. Learn more about this event and register here.


Tech Events In Lagos, November 2017: Booking.Com & IamtheCODE Developer Hackathon

This is a developer hackathon by Booking.com and IamtheCODE. The Nigerian partner for the event is Chowberry Inc. The aim of the event by Booking.com is to recruit developers in Nigeria. Booking.com is an e-commerce company founded in the Netherlands. It helps travelers find a place to stay wherever they go through an aggregation of hotels, vacation homes etc.

The major highlight of the event is the iamtheCODE/Booking.com Challenge. Developers, Software Engineers etc. will work with the Booking.com API to develop a solution that will improve sustainable tourism in Nigeria. The event will hold on November 18 by 8:30am at the Lily Gate Hotel Conference Hall in Lekki Phase 1. Intending developers will have to apply by email. The event is free but you’ll need an invite to get in. There’s so much more you should know about, so quickly go here to see the full details.


Tech Events In Lagos, November 2017: AR/VR Meetup By IMISI 3D

Imisi 3D is organizing an Augmented Reality (AR)/Virtual Reality (VR) meetup on November 4. The purpose of the event is for AR/VR enthusiasts to network and learn from one another. It will hold at the Co-creation Hub by 11am. The event is a free one so go ahead and register here if this is for you.

Imisi 3D is a virtual reality creation lab whose mission is to grow a community of VR developers in Nigeria. Additionally, it will also develop VR-based solutions. Furthermore, it will also educate people about VR and help them engage with it.


Tech Events In Lagos, November 2017: Society and Technology Conference and Exhibition

The Institute for Work and Family Integration (IWFI) is organizing this event in collaboration with The Lagos Business School (LBS). It will hold on November 28 by 8:00am. The event will take place at the Oriental Hotel. There will be a discussion focusing on how technology trends will affect the family institution in the coming years. Participants will also learn how to use technology to succeed at work and on the family front.

In conclusion, the event is a free one but you will need to register here to attend.


Tech Events In Lagos, November 2017: Lagos Podcasting Meetup

This event is for Podcasters in the house. It will take place at Cafe Neo, 6 Agoro Adiyan street, Victoria Island. The event will discuss the state of podcasting, technology etc. Learn more about the event here. The organizers are two podcasters in Lagos.


Tech Events in Lagos, November 2017: A Deeper Dive Into Rust

This event is organized by  Rust enthusiasts. It will take place on November 4 by 11am at the Trade Depot. The address is 259, Etim Inyang Crescent, Victoria Island. Finally, learn more and register here.

Rust is a systems programming language sponsored by Mozilla Research. It is designed to be a “safe, concurrent, practical language”, supporting functional and imperative-procedural paradigms


Tech Events in Lagos, November 2017: Bridging the Gap between Technology & Offline Payments

This event holds on November 4 by 10am. Flutterwave and Africa’s Talking are the organizers of the event. Attendees will get a chance to network with developers from the Flutterwave and Africa’s Talking team. Additionally, there will be masterclasses on building payment solutions through USSD, SMS and Voice APIs. Furthermore, the event will also cover the topic; Introduction to Flutterwave and Africa’s Talking How to Build a Mobile Money Solution Payment through USSD.  You can get a ticket to the event here.

Tech Events In Lagos 2017: Events You Should Plan To Attend This October

Events are a great way to learn new things and network with people in the tech industry and most of all the business world in general. We have compiled a list of Tech Events in Lagos 2017, October edition, from some major events listing platforms.* Check out the events and make plans to attend. Do remember to check back  for November 2017 events.

Women of Paystack

The ladies at Paystack, one of Nigeria’s leading fintech companies, are the organizers of this event. It will feature Adia Sowho (Director of Digital Business at 9mobile) as a guest. The focus of the event is to discuss the different roles at a technology startup. Attendees will learn from women in diverse roles at technology startups. This is suitable for fresh graduates and people looking to switch roles. Every woman  can attend the event as it is open to everyone. It is however capped at 50 participants. You can find more information and register here. The event will hold on October 21. This is the first on our list of Tech Events in Lagos 2017, October edition. Keep reading for others.

Cyber Security Challenge Nigeria (CYSEC NG) 2017

This event is dubbed the largest offensive premier and hacking conference in Africa. Upgraded Era Solutions Limited is the organizer of this paid event. Its aim is to show the state of security from the hackers point of view. There will be a competition where each team will complete a series of challenges online. The winner will earn the title of Ultimate Champion. This event will hold on October 25 and is suitable for all Cyber Security enthusiasts. If you are one you should register here. You should also read our article on this women-led Cyber Security organization. Keep reading for the last from our list of tech events in Lagos 2017, October edition.


Future Leadership Conference 4.0

Sprinboard FLC is the organizer of this event. It is holding it in partnership with the Chartered Institute of Strategic Managers & Leaders (CISML). The event has Maya Famodu, one of the leaders within the tech ecosystem, as one of its speakers. Discussions will revolve around the gulf between strategy and leadership. Furthermore, the conference will address and attempt to propose solutions to the country’s multi-faceted challenges. There will be debates and presentations as regards contemporary research in economics, commerce, management etc. This conference will hold on October 21. Register and learn more here.

This is the last of our list of tech events in Lagos 2017, October edition. We will update the list as we learn about more events. Finally, do not hesitate to contact us if you learn of any events or want to add your event.


*We used EventBrite to compile this list of events.

Cover image; Linux Foundation via Compfight CC

FarmCrowdy: Meet the AgricTech Startup Seeking To End Poverty in Africa

Are you deeply concerned about poverty in Africa and looking to do something about it? FarmCrowdy, the (self-acclaimed) first digital Agriculture platform in Nigeria is proposing an interesting solution. On this episode of the show, we feature this AgriTech startup. Its vision may seem like a bold statement but you would think twice when you consider the fact that Agriculture is a major driver of Africa’s economy. According to this report, Farming provides about 60% of the jobs in Africa. One of the challenges farmers face is funds to procure tools, equipment, seedlings etc. FarmCrowdy is matching independent sponsors with farmers.


The Case For FarmCrowdy

In the past few years there has been renewed interest by African governments in the Agriculture sector in the face of dwindling oil and gas revenue. There were songs about it (remember Cocoa na Chocolate – Official Music Video?), there were debates (see one here) and political enemies became friends because of it (I kid not!). Anyways, you see the point.

Here are some important facts Oil driven economies are dealing with right now:

  1. There have been budget revisions since many countries didn’t anticipate the fall in prices.
  2. Some currencies have taken a hit.
  3. There have been foreign exchange shortages in some countries as Oil is the only or major source of export.


Here’s How FarmCrowdy Works

FarmCrowdy is rightly placed in the Agriculture sector which some countries like Nigeria have turned to in order to earn more revenue as a result of shortage in Oil revenue. As the government has expressed its renewed interest in the sector, many citizens have also begun to consider it as an alternative source of earning revenue. FarmCrowdy helps individuals invest in a farm and earn revenue from the proceeds of the farm. One of the magic of this startup is that it will provide regular and periodic updates as regards the sponsors’ farm to them.

Individuals can join the platform either as Sponsors (who invest money) or as Followers (simply receive updates about a farm). A user can create a profile on the platform and then select the type of farm she prefers. There are Maize farms, Chicken farms etc. Users then invest in the farm of their choosing and receive updates in picture or video formats regarding their investee farm. They can also interact directly with the farmer. The proceeds from the farm are shared among FarmCrowdy, the Sponsor and the Farmer.

While it is great individuals can make money off the platform, the people we consider the major winners on the platform are the farmers given that capital can be very difficult to access in Nigeria. Little wonder the platform has since gained recognition from investors and other stakeholders. It was selected to participate in the Techstars Accelerator program. It was also recognized as one of the BusinessDay Top 25 Most Innovative Companies in Nigeria. We are betting on this startup as one to watch out for. You can listen to the full interview with FarmCrowdy here.

[Image Credit: FarmCrowdy]

SheSecures.org: These Ladies Want to Get More Girls into Cyber-Security

On this episode of the Everything Digital show, we feature SheSecures.org. SheSecures.org is an offline and online community for women professionals and enthusiasts in cyber security.  This organization is the brainchild of Lillian Douglas and Sophina Kio-Lawson.

Lillian Douglas studied Computer Science at Madonna University and while she was there, she was disturbed about constantly receiving news of Internet scammers in Nigeria. She was concerned about the people who had become victims of these frauds. She then began to think of ways to tackle and reduce cyber-crimes. This eventually piqued her interest in the cyber-security field. In May 2017, Lillian Douglas and Sophina Kio-Lawson started to seek mentors in cyber security. While there were a number of mentors for lady programmers, they were unable to find any focused on cyber security. They both decided to start a community to support and mentor women interested in cyber security.

Sophina Kio-Lawson, the second Co-founder, also picked up interest in cyber security due to the alarming rate of cyber-crimes in Nigeria. She like her counterpart disliked the negative image foreigners had about Nigerians owing to the advance-fee frauds emanating from the country. Today, SheSecures.org’s focus is to prevent cyber-crimes. The team is also interested in tackling these crimes after they happen.


Here Are The Major Objectives of SheSecures.org

According to Sophina Kio-Lawson, SheSecures.org seeks to achieve the following objectives:

  1. Create awareness regarding cyber security. The team is seeking to enlighten individuals on how to use the internet safely. It also teaches individuals to ensure they are not clicking on fraudulent website links. In summary, the organization teaches individuals to safeguard personal details which fraudsters and scammers can take advantage of.
  2. The organization is also seeking to get more girls into the cyber security field. It mentors them and guides them to take up a career in cyber security.
  3. On the other hand, the organization connects women professionals in cyber security with young female mentees.
  4. Furthermore, the organization is aiming at contributing to increase in the number of women who have a career in cyber security. According to Sophina Kio-Lawson, only 11% of people in the cyber security field are women. This is confirmed by this Veracode article on the subject.

You can reach SheSecures.org on Twitter and Instagram with this handle; @she_secures. 360 mobile security and Avast mobile security are good cyber security apps you could use for your smartphone or tablets. Do drop a comment if you know any other good ones. For more on the interview with SheSecures.org you can listen here.

(Image credit: SheSecures.org)

Youtube for Nigeria| Everything Digital NG

Youtube for Nigeria| Everything Digital NG
Youtube for Nigeria| Everything Digital NG

Everything Digital Radio chats with Youtube Nigeria’s Teju Ajani.

Today’s Episode is for all of you video content creators. Here’s my question- do you currently have a youtube channel or are you perhaps thinking of creating one?

If you answered yes to either- then you’re in luck! Because we’ve got answers! Today on the show, we are joined by Teju Ajani, the Head of Content and Partnerships for YouTube NG. She’s a cutie and yes she’s actually feeling pretty chatty (which we loooove!) She chats with me about her background, plus her role (insert drool) at Youtube Nigeria and so much more stuff that I never knew about the Tube.

Okay maybe I did know a little bit already, seeing as my personal youtube channel is still in an abandoned sad state, I really needed this session with her. Fortunately she agreed to put me out of my misery and takes me on a deep dive into the Youtube Creators Studio- check out the interview here

Guys you definitely wouldn’t want to miss this episode for anything, especially if you weren’t able or (invited) to attend the recent 2-day intensive session of YouTube Nigeria for creators, the food was great – the company was awesome!!! I met so many youtubers it was exciting!

Go ahead-  do have a listen and don’t forget sharing is caring-  and of course feel free to drop your comments (or gripe about not being invited).  I know how you feel, I think.. okay I’ll stop rubbing it in now.

Catch you on your channel (if you have one) and drop me a line with your channel details in the comments section will ya?


Lifebank.ng| Everything Digital NG

Lifebank.ng| Everything Digital NG
Lifebank.ng| Everything Digital NG

We discovered this social startup sometime ago and we are going to be featuring this digital brand on the show today. As you know, this brand is one of the few health related startups in Nigeria.

With us in the studio and chatting with Faith History about her digital brand is Temie Giwa Tubosun, the founder of Lifebank.ng She will be throwing more light on what her brand is about, her background . . .

Listen in, and also check out cool health apps for your device