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Iyali Foods Will Deliver Fresh Farm Food To Your Doorstep

Nigeria is rich in arable land and agricultural produce. Its citizens should have no business going hungry. The challenges as experts have identified include food distribution and storage. Iyali Foods is a startup that is looking to take on this problem. It wants to ensure Food Security in Nigeria.

Faith History interviewed its Founder; Seyi Albert on this episode of the Everything Digital Radio Show.


Iyali Foods: A Little Bit About Its Founder Seyi Albert

Seyi Albert is the Founder at Iyali Foods. Seyi considers himself a techie and a foodie. The founder worked five years in the digital media space before launching Iyali Foods. He was also the Social Media Lead for the Buhari Campaign. He first got the idea for Iyali Foods in 2013. Seyi experimented with the idea under a different name before he launched it fully about a year ago. His grandparents were farmers and his Dad used to do the grocery shopping unlike most African homes. Seyi’s paternal grandmother owned a restaurant which probably explains why his Dad did the grocery shopping.


Iyali Foods: Making Farm Fresh Food Accessible

Iyali is an Hausa word which means family.  The startup’s goal is to make affordable food easily accessible. It takes off the stress of going to the market to do your grocery shopping. At the initial stage, clients could send their grocery shopping list via Whatsapp. The list would specify the quantity and sizes of the grocery items. The startup founder would then proceed to issue them an electronic invoice. After payment is finalized, delivery of the items will take place. The prices for the groceries are affordable. They are the same as you would get at your farmer’s market.

The food items Iyali Foods delivers ranges from vegetables to vegetable oil. The startup has access to variants of popular food items Nigerians consume. They have access to about four types of cabbages, lettuces etc. The food categories available on Iyali Foods include; Fruits, Tuber, Vegetables, Grain, Pepper, Herbs, Meat & Fish.


Iyali Foods: Ensuring Optimum Food Security In Nigeria

Iyali Foods helps farmers prevent food wastage due to logistical challenges. The startup has built a logistical network that delivers to its clients on time. It is able to source farm produce from farmers & related partners who are far from its end consumers. Many of whom are based in Lagos State. It sources from partners in Jos, Plateau State and other parts of Nigeria.

Iyali Foods delivers to clients in the following service areas in Lagos:

  • Lekki
  • Victoria Island
  • Ikoyi
  • VGC
  • Abraham Adesanya
  • Banana Island

You can try out the platform here. Do not forget to listen to the full interview here. Finally check out our previous episode here and here. Please let us know what you think in the comments.

FarmCrowdy: Meet the AgricTech Startup Seeking To End Poverty in Africa

Are you deeply concerned about poverty in Africa and looking to do something about it? FarmCrowdy, the (self-acclaimed) first digital Agriculture platform in Nigeria is proposing an interesting solution. On this episode of the show, we feature this AgriTech startup. Its vision may seem like a bold statement but you would think twice when you consider the fact that Agriculture is a major driver of Africa’s economy. According to this report, Farming provides about 60% of the jobs in Africa. One of the challenges farmers face is funds to procure tools, equipment, seedlings etc. FarmCrowdy is matching independent sponsors with farmers.


The Case For FarmCrowdy

In the past few years there has been renewed interest by African governments in the Agriculture sector in the face of dwindling oil and gas revenue. There were songs about it (remember Cocoa na Chocolate – Official Music Video?), there were debates (see one here) and political enemies became friends because of it (I kid not!). Anyways, you see the point.

Here are some important facts Oil driven economies are dealing with right now:

  1. There have been budget revisions since many countries didn’t anticipate the fall in prices.
  2. Some currencies have taken a hit.
  3. There have been foreign exchange shortages in some countries as Oil is the only or major source of export.


Here’s How FarmCrowdy Works

FarmCrowdy is rightly placed in the Agriculture sector which some countries like Nigeria have turned to in order to earn more revenue as a result of shortage in Oil revenue. As the government has expressed its renewed interest in the sector, many citizens have also begun to consider it as an alternative source of earning revenue. FarmCrowdy helps individuals invest in a farm and earn revenue from the proceeds of the farm. One of the magic of this startup is that it will provide regular and periodic updates as regards the sponsors’ farm to them.

Individuals can join the platform either as Sponsors (who invest money) or as Followers (simply receive updates about a farm). A user can create a profile on the platform and then select the type of farm she prefers. There are Maize farms, Chicken farms etc. Users then invest in the farm of their choosing and receive updates in picture or video formats regarding their investee farm. They can also interact directly with the farmer. The proceeds from the farm are shared among FarmCrowdy, the Sponsor and the Farmer.

While it is great individuals can make money off the platform, the people we consider the major winners on the platform are the farmers given that capital can be very difficult to access in Nigeria. Little wonder the platform has since gained recognition from investors and other stakeholders. It was selected to participate in the Techstars Accelerator program. It was also recognized as one of the BusinessDay Top 25 Most Innovative Companies in Nigeria. We are betting on this startup as one to watch out for. You can listen to the full interview with FarmCrowdy here.

[Image Credit: FarmCrowdy]