Drinks.ng Wants To Deliver Your Liquor Orders To You At Anytime Of The Day


If you live in any part of Nigeria, there are typically two ways to get beverages (these include alcoholic & non-alcoholic). You either walk into a store to pick them up or call a vendor.  Drinks.ng is making this process easier for everyone. The four-year-old drinks ordering platform will deliver …

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Everything You Should Know About #EatDrinkFestival 4 by Eat Drink Lagos


#EatDrinkFestival 4 is here! It’s okay if you don’t know what it is. This post is an attempt to tell you all you need to know about the event. You may as well call it ” #EatDrinkFestival for Dummies “. (And no, you are not a dummy). So let’s get …

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Five Edtech Startups In Nigeria Seeking To Transform The Education Sector That You Should Know

Edtech Startups In Nigeria

Education is a nation’s most important asset. It is arguably what differentiates a third-world country from a developed one. This article paints a stark image; there’s a 100-year gap in education standards between developed and developing countries (see diagram below). This is one reason why these edtech startups in Nigeria …

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Elearn.ng Is Seeking To Reduce Unemployment By Helping African Youths Acquire Vocational Skills


In 2016, the UN (United Nations) Secretary-General, Ban Ki-Moon, urged member countries to renew its resolve to invest more in empowering young people. Elearn.ng, a Nigerian edtech startup appears to have answered Mr. Moon’s call. Mr. Moon’s proclamation further acknowledged that more than 73 million youths were unemployed. This was …

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Three Takeways From Faith History’s Interview with Instagram Expert; Julchit Dadi

Julchit Dadi

Julchit Dadi is an Instagram Expert and Trainer. She helps businesses grow their social media pages. The scope of her work includes working with businesses to increase the number of their engaged followers. Julchit also works with startups to put together their social media strategy. She spoke with Faith History …

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Tech Events In Lagos, December 2017: Events You Should Plan To Attend In The Coming Weeks

Tech Events In Lagos, December 2017

Welcome to a brand new month. The last one for the year 2017. If you found our previous edition of Tech Events In Lagos helpful, this will not be an exception. Take a dive into our list of Tech Events In Lagos, December 2017 edition below.   Tech Events In …

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Social Lender Is Seeking To Help Low Income Earners In Africa Get Access To Formal Credit

Social Lender

Nigeria’s fintech industry is not only buzzing with innovative solutions, it is changing how we live and do business. One of such innovative solutions is Social Lender. Social Lender is a lending solution that provides loans to individuals based on their social reputation. Bincom ICT solutions is the mother company …

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WeSabi.com: Three Takeaways From Faith History’s Interview With Sanni Murtala


Phony artisans, dishonest service providers, we all have in one way or another encountered them. Sanni Murtala faced a similar problem when he moved to his new apartment. WeSabi.com was his answer to this problem. WeSabi.com is an on-demand service platform that helps individuals and businesses find Faith History interviewed …

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MAX.ng (Metro Africa Xpress) Wants To Make It Far Easier To Move People & Materials Within African Cities

MAX.ng (Metro Africa Xpress)

One of the challenges that businesses face in most Nigerian cities is the difficulty of moving man and materials around. The challenge is a multifaceted one that includes poor road network, illegal roadblocks, dishonest personnel, limited technology etc. There are a number of startups seeking to help solve this problem. …

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SME Social Media Tips: How to Create an Instagram Business Account

Instagram Business Account

Instagram is an internet based app that allows you share photos either privately or publicly. It is available both in a mobile and desktop format. The app has become very attractive due to the number of monthly users which has grown to 700 million between 2010 when it was created …

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